The fans didn’t recognize grown-up star of “My fair nanny”

Фанаты не узнали повзрослевшую звезду «Моей прекрасной няни»

Irina Andreeva played the youngest daughter of the main character, turned into an enviable bride.

When I began shooting in the TV series “My fair nanny”, Irina Andreeva was only 10 years old. She played a small, but very serious girl, visiting a psychoanalyst. Ksenia was the name of a small character – the audience loved and enjoyed watching her growing up.

However, after 2006, the “nanny” was closed, many of its characters suddenly disappeared from the screens. Paul Serdyuk, who played the son of the protagonist, immersed in study, and that was with Irina Andreeva, few people knew.

And suddenly 10 years later, fans of the series stumbled on the page girls, in terms of which guessed that the most intelligent girl.

It turned out that after the completion of filming of “My fair nanny” Irina first came to one of the European schools, and later left Russia. Now 22-year-old former actress lives and studies in Switzerland. The girl has a guy she travels a lot. Judging by the pictures, Andreeva generally leads an active social lifestyle. However, her acting career seems to be left in the past.

But the interesting thing is even not how and where Irina lives and how it has changed over the years. Of plump dark-haired girl she turned into a slim long-legged girl. She was prettier as a blonde and stuffed on hand tattoo. Fans were in shock!