«Откуда деньги?» Детей певицы Валерии обвинили за роскошный подарок матери
Star stood up in the Network for his heirs.

Photo: Instagram

The other day the singer Valeria celebrated its 50th anniversary. In honor of this momentous event her children — 24-year-old Anna, 23-year-old Artem and 19-year-old Arseny, gave his beloved mother a gorgeous gift. Earrings, which are rumored to cost about half a million rubles, I liked the singer, and she even could not hold back tears over such a wonderful surprise. And it would be great if the star decided to show off present in the Network.

“What a touching moment — the kids gave me expensive earrings on your own hard-earned money, she wrote in a personal blog. — Moved to tears. Did not expect, of course, and not in jewellery case — just really wanted me to do something nice. My favorite!”

By the way, the post was referred to not only the children of Valeria, but their “second halves”, namely Arseniy beloved 23 — year-old model Ann Sheridan and a young man Ani — rapper Sergei Slam.

This idyll haters, of course, are unable to “forgive” Valerie. Therefore, in the first review, the question arose: “where’s the money?” Subscribers stars not a little excited, knowing that such young people can earn. Immediately fell story about the difficult childhood, the fact that such money honest way to make impossible and that the members of the star family is clearly stretching the truth on their income. The main claim came down to the fact that “the construction of the ordinary person did not earn much”.

Usually the singer does not enter into a verbal argument in social networks, but insults her children, she could not demolish.

“What strange people?! — protested Valeria. — If you wrote it the way it is lying. Younger has been in business, Anna is also well earned. In your life’s scheme is not fit? But it happens the other way. The children began to make from scratch, we did not give them start-up capital, business is also not buying. How everyone wants to explain the success of a simple formula: live in very special conditions on all ready. But it’s not. They are no different from the others. I am proud that they achieve much and do it yourself. And friends they have the same purposeful as they are, many of the most ordinary families, and even sooooo poor… If I bought the earrings, I wouldn’t be bragging about it. And then the children made a gift, what’s wrong?!”