ABBA: что стало с участниками культового шведского квартета
We figured out how life and the fate of the “fab four” after the collapse of the super popular group.

ABBA: что стало с участниками культового шведского квартета



A key point in the career of the Swedish Quartet ABBA, which became
one of the most successful teams in the history of popular music and the
successful of the number created in Scandinavia, is considered to be 1973. It
then the singers and songwriters Bjorn Ulvaeus and benny Andersson along with the singers
Agneta Feltskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad invented for his team Bjorn,
Benny, Agnetha & Frida shorter and more convenient name, consisting of
the first letters of their names.

The following year the group became famous all over the world
won first prize at the international competition “Eurovision” with the song
“Waterloo”. Then hits from the Swedish
four poured from the cornucopia.

The entire planet literally went crazy for the colorful “Swedish
musical family” (neatly shaven Bjorn from 1971 to 1979 he was married to
blonde Agnetha, the couple gave birth to daughter Linda Elin (1973) and Christian (1977), and
bearded benny 12 years he lived with brown and Frida, three of them in the official
marriage, from 1979 to 1981 — Approx. ed
.), and, forgetting everything, people around the world
they danced to the hits: “Mamma Mia” “I Do, I Do, I Do, I
Do, I Do”, “Happy New Year”, “Summer night city”, “The Winner Takes It All”, “Dancing Queen”,
“Money, Money, Money”, “Super Trouper” and many others.

In 1981, releasing its eighth Studio album, “the
Visitors”, ABBA suddenly got frozen musical activities. Although
about the breakup was not officially announced, in 1982, it became clear that
great Swedish group became part of history: by this point couples
Frida, benny and Bjorn—Agnetha were divorced, their creative paths diverged.

Subsequently, the legendary four several times together:
in 2008, the event devoted to the premiere of the film musical Mamma Mia!, based
on the songs of their group, and eight years later — at the celebration of 50 years of creative
Union Ulveus and Andersson. However, despite the regular rumors about
reuniting, the team did not resume his musical career.

How was the fate of the legendary Quartet ABBA after?

Agnetha Faltskog

ABBA: что стало с участниками культового шведского квартета

Agneta Feltskog


ABBA: что стало с участниками культового шведского квартета

Agneta Feltskog


After the collapse
team famous blonde admitted that a few years have a history of depression, out of which she helped
yoga. By the mid-80s, by normalizing mental state, Agnetha has recorded several
solo albums in Swedish and English, and then for 17 years
disappeared from the musical radar.

Unfortunately, the second marriage to the Swedish superstars, too, and not
formed: in 1990, her second husband
became surgeon Tomas Sonnenfeld, however, after three years of marriage pair
divorced. In 1996, the actress wrote an autobiography,
on the pages of which admitted that “very tired of music and singing, and she started
a state that can be called “fear of the microphone”, and added that she “needs
time to overcome it.”

To burn discs Faltskog returned only in mid-2004, and her latest album “A” came out in 2013. In
April 2016
the singer has released another biography — “Agnetha Faltskog. Girl
hair” which told in detail the story of his musical

Now 68-year-old singer lives in a small estate on the island of Helgo (this is one of the 14 Islands on which Stockholm is located), and together with my grandchildren sings the hits of his youth.

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