When Grigory Leps dancing Yegor creed

Когда Григорий Лепс танцует под Егора Крида My story about the announcement of the nominees for the biggest music award of the year. Maxim Galkin deduced velvet baritone Happy Birthday, Grigory Leps under the performance Yegor creed moved on to hip-hop, the group IOWA was sincerely happy was hang out with friends, and then… a Gala dinner where the leader of the group IOWA Catherine Ivanchikova for the first time nominated for the Award Muz-TV, consisted of pleasant surprises.

    Когда Григорий Лепс танцует под Егора Крида

    Alexander Panayotov, for example, stated in the category “Breakthrough of the year”. And why the presenter of the upcoming holiday (9 June, the “Olympic”) sang Happy Birthday? The award in the field of popular music waiting for a very special birthday – the fifteenth.

    For the organizer of the celebration Arman Davletyarova traditional ceremony to award best performers of the winning dishes will also be a jubilee. The General Director of the channel “Muz-TV” in the tenth time will show the command “On your marks”.

    – The popular voting, the counting of votes in online – know-how informed. And what will be different XV ceremony?

    We swung in a very difficult task. For the first time the scene will be rotated 360 degrees. Our channel is always different from what is done in the Russian music industry.

    Two years ago there was much talk about the victory in the nomination “Best performer” of the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. The ceremony generally took place in Astana.

    – The decision to travel to Kazakhstan talked about the fact that music is beyond politics, it is clear to all and this area is always full of peace, kindness and love. Russian music awards is coming to a friendly country, and the unity of cultures suggests openness. We are neighbors, we have nothing to share. I often say, “Muz-TV” is the umbrella of all the negativity that is in our lives. What do we do with the music? Fall in love, play sports, sad, tidying the house, and always alone with her we are real. Within each person there is a melody that is associated with significant moments of life.

    – And you sing in the shower? Pop, rock, Opera parts?

    “And not only. I have four children of different ages. Before you go to the gala dinner, sang for one-year-old daughter “Moscow nights”. The lullaby’s not so much, “Bayu-bayushki-Bayu”, “lullaby” – and the repertoire is exhausted. But “Evening” is a great story, melodious”.

    And as a result?

    First listened carefully, and then his lips in a whistle and his eyes closed. So the song we build and live help.

    Foreign guests of the ceremony – a special subject. Christina Aguilera, Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez literally and figuratively what it cost! And who will decorate the anniversary show?

    – The ceremony is really expensive event, we begin the preparation for many months. At the time, we had the concept to invite those stars that were not in Russia. Now, in addition to Celine Dion Adriano Celentano, such artists remained. Better we spend money on the holiday itself, will make the concert even brighter.

    – Last year, Philip asked him not to nominate, and in the category “Best song” again his name.

    Когда Григорий Лепс танцует под Егора Крида“It still show “I”, and Philip agreed with this, because it is an opportunity to encourage those people with whom he works. Can be anything about the Man to say it, but he was a hard worker and consistently gives cool product”.

    – Continue to treat artists like children?

    – But where to go?! In the nomination after all, were those who voted for the experts, the rest… Again there will be resentment, accusations. From year to year.

    – It is true that the audience who came up with the best name for the ceremony will receive tickets into the VIP box?

    – Yes, and we call on everyone to take part in this creative competition. And remind them that the vote on premia.muz-tv.ru open.

    – On the website StarHit.ru also you can vote for your favorite performer, and guesses correctly will get prizes.

    – Well, then make your choice!