Elena Temnikova and Olga Seryabkina stopped a three-year feud

Елена Темникова и Ольга Серябкина прекратили трехлетнюю вражду The soloist of the group SEREBRO turned to a colleague. Olga Seryabkina congratulated Elena Temnikova happy birthday. Artist did not communicate with 2014, although before that they were considered best friends.

      Елена Темникова и Ольга Серябкина прекратили трехлетнюю вражду

      Three years ago, Elena Temnikova and Olga Seryabkina stopped a long friendship. The girls had a fight and stopped talking, and Temnikova left the band SEREBRO. Fans were deeply disappointed that the singers have a lot of claims against each other. Today, however, when Elena celebrates her birthday, Olga decided to forget all grudges, and left in microblog congratulations to former colleague on the team.

      “Happy birthday,” wrote Seryabkina in the social network.

      The fans literally could not believe my eyes. They admired the fact that the current soloist of the girl band was able to overcome pride and forgot about the holiday friend. Followers do not lose hope that Elena and Olga will once again resume the relationship. At the end of the most high-profile scandals among the star friends

      “Maybe it will get better. How do you want to believe it. You are very dear to many. It will be great happiness if you are still there. I don’t want to think that it’s all just so. Why are there still people dropping the tears, looking at you,” “Yay, finally”, “Shock! Olenka, you’re a big fellow! Love you more”, “How cute! Well done, I congratulated her, Olga”, “How glad I am that you, Olga, it did! I know and believe how dear she is to you! And I believe that all that was, your friendship is real emotions!” “It’s very dignified – step over pride! You umnichka! Do not stop to admire!” – wrote fans.

      Елена Темникова и Ольга Серябкина прекратили трехлетнюю вражду

      Temnikova and Seryabkina met 12 years ago. When Maxim Fadeev decided to create a women’s group, namely Elena called Olga to the team. In 2007, girls represented Russia at the “Eurovision”, where he took third place. But in 2014, the graduate of “factory of stars” has decided to pursue a solo career. She left the group and did not hide from the multi-million army of fans of all that she had to endure during the work in the SEREBRO. Temnikova believed that Seryabkina was only glad that her colleague left the band. Moreover, Elena admitted that they only created the visibility of best friends. Lena Temnikova told about humiliations that were suffered in the group SEREBRO