Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

After 8 March and other holidays, the house is often similar to a blossoming flower bed, this beauty and want to preserve as long as possible. We bring you practical tricks that will help flowers in a vase to stand as long as possible and to please you, not one day.

Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

Of course, care will be very different depending on what colors it is. However, the main one rule for all is important to choose fresh flowers. To verify this, pay attention to the sections of stems — they are due to be light green, not dark, and the leaves should not be dried up ends. If the leaves are cut and the stems of the flowers very short — this is a sure sign that a bunch of stale on the counter.

Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

When beautiful words are spoken, cherished and handed the bouquet to keep it longer, you should act step by step. Also, if you really appreciate the beauty of a flower, not gift wrapping, remember that flowers in a vase should be without wrapping paper is bad form.

Adaptation of flowers

Do not rush immediately to unwrap the bouquet, and the flowers give a little time to adapt, first by deploying the stems.

Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

Reminder: avoid sudden temperature changes. If it’s cold outside, it is desirable for a while to hold flowers in a cool place: in the lobby, on the balcony, in the hallway, etc.


An important stage is the preparation of flowers to move in a vase. Unfold the paper and remove any extra leaves to the water level, otherwise they can soon start to rot. This is especially important for sensitive plants, such as lilies.
The flower stems should are cut on the bias with a sharp knife, not scissors so that they were in the water. The roses cut the thorns.

Reminder: the stems are cut under running tap water or in pot with water to the air bubbles then let the access water in the stem.

Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

If you want to keep the flowers as long as possible, do not place flowers in a vase and submerge them completely in a clean, defend water at room temperature for about half an hour.

Resettlement in a vase

Inspect flowers before you put them in a vase. Remove any lingering leaves and flowers, because they not only signal the entire line that its life cycle is over, but also absorb a lot of water.

Tip: one variety flowers should stand in a vase. With the exception of the bouquets gathered a competent seller of compatible plants. Flowers may die before our eyes from the unwanted neighborhood. Very bad reaction to “communal living space” roses, daffodils, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies of the valley.

Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

For flowers it is best to use to defend or filtered water, as water from the tap much chlorine and harmful impurities. Water colors should be warm (about 25-27 degrees) but not hot. You can use boiled water. In any case, the water quality is the most important parameter of a long life of the bouquet.

At first, the flowers can “drink” a lot of water, so add it in a vase as possible, and after some time check to see whether you need to add a little more.

Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

Reminder: gerbera pour water only on the third volume of the vase. Their stems are covered with tiny hairs that are quickly present in the water forming a nasty goo.


Flowers — a delicate and fragile, needing daily care. It is very important not to forget regularly (every day!) change water and trim stems. In addition, it is undesirable to place the bouquet in direct sunlight, in a draft, near fruit, or smokers, after all, the flowers respond to the surrounding smells. Useful and periodic spraying of water.

Что делать, чтобы цветы в вазе стояли дольше?

About whether or not to add in a vase of special tools, for example, vinegar, sugar, or aspirin, it is still being heated discussions. Some professionals say that all these tricks help the flowers to open up faster, not longer idle, so if you are unsure, it is better limited to a regular water change and trimming. Alternative “lure” can be the powder for cut flowers, and other professional tools that are readily available in the interior colors.

Tip: to whimsical tulips stood for longer times a day to throw them in a vase of ice cube.

The house is full of flowers, not only during the holiday — great interior decoration and a way to cheer yourself up, especially if the nature of the window in no hurry to Wake up. Just a little effort, and flowers donated by our friends or you have chosen to your taste will please not one day.

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