Какую воду пить, чтобы жить долго и не болеть. Совет от звёздного нутрициолога Ирины Писаревой
I’ve always been a healthy tradition in my family, me and the surrounding environment.

And pay close attention to what quality should be food. In the modern world, with its rapid pace of life, associated with constant stress and failure mode of recreation, the constant deterioration of the environment, but it is difficult to actually observe the quality control of food intake. All my adult life I go hand in hand with the sport and are in harmony with your body.

And you wonder what we drink. Of course the Foundation of our body is water. The average person on 80% consists of water. Water is a conductor of our health. But it is important to pay attention to the quality of water that we eat. Unfortunately, butilirovannoy so-called mineral water, it is useless for our body, this water many times passes through a filter and just becomes dead water. I was convinced personally in addition to labels written microelements and advertising, there is nothing there.

The world health organization (who) guidelines for drinking-water quality reglamentary more than a hundred quality parameters. About a hundred of them relate to maximum permissible concentrations of harmful substances in drinking water (lead, pollutants, etc.). Five parameters are considered to be the main — content is in the water ions of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and water salinity. In this case two parameters are marker” is reductive-oxidative potential water (ORP) and pH of the water. The recommended range for these parameters: ORP from +60 mV to–200mV,pH of 7 to 8.5.

It is weakly negatively charged water and alkaline water pH. An important indicator of the quality of drinking water is its structure. It is known that the water contained in our body, is strictly structured, while most of the water we drink, unstructured. Entering the body water is structured. and it requires extra energy in the body.

When melting ice formed by water molecules non – dlitelnoe time still have the structure of ice. That is why the melt-water is good for the body – it is much better absorbed. Our ancestors, with special attention to melt water. Also the structure of water molecules can be given by external exposure: radiation or magnetic current .

Another lot of sense an indicator of the quality of drinking water, highlighted the who – the contents in water ions of calcium and magnesium. Low intakes of calcium ions and magnesium is the cause of a number of diseases such as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, low back pain (even in children 1.5 years of age), osteoporosis, poor posture, decreased intelligence and memory, enhanced Campora the use of biliary tract and urinary system, destruction of tooth enamel, loss of hair. Ions of calcium and magnesium is critical to normal development and functioning of the human body. Especially badly in need children, pregnant and lactating women, elderly people.
The misconception that boiling is one way ocici, because the consequences of such treatment is highly questionable from a position of evaluating the usefulness for the human body. According to a leading employee of the Institute of toxicology of health Ministry, the one good thing about boiling water is that during this procedure killed many dangerous bacteria, but not all. Harmful organic compounds, heavy metals, pesticides and other impurities remain. The chlorine contained in tap water when boiling it reacts with organic substances, forming toxic carcinogenic compounds – dioxins, deadly to the organism. So the harm from drinking a glass of water from the tap, even boiled, sometimes about the same as from smoked cigarettes. Boiling does not make the water neither clean nor safe nor useful. This it can do only good equipment for water purification. For a long time I was looking for the “right” water, which has all the necessary elements and properties.

The first time I tried alkaline water in Monaco, then I began to study about the influence of the ph of the water in our body. In Russia I studied the market with different devices that supposedly ionize the water, but stumbled only on good marketing, because when you check the water, it became clear that at best this is a common “dead water” passed through the filter.

I had a chance to get acquainted with the filter – ionizer and the TYENT company. They have developed systems ionization of water, which allow to get water with a specific ph and a negative redox potential. With the help of currents and magnetic radiation in the filter, the water becomes structured. So with the help of the ionizer, you can restore the acid-alkaline balance of our body.

Here are some of my personal tips with regards to the “smart water”:

-in the morning we drink with the kids a glass of alkaline water 1 ph level of 8.5, which would run all the systems and organs and set them to work

-wash my face with water acidity of 5.5 ph it perfectly cleanses the skin , also this water-structured and negatively charged , so deeply penetrates the skin and nourishes it.

-vegetables and fruits are soaked in acidic water

– meat, fish, soaked for 1.5 minutes in turbo acidic water with a 3ph. This water is killing all Salmonella and other pathogens

– If children have runny nose or sore throat I use the acidic water of the second level 5 ph 2 injection for three days.

⁃ Even for people with diabetes need to drink 1 glass of alkaline water of 9.5 ph 3 levels for 4-6 weeks , it allows you to control the level of glucose in the blood

⁃ Soups, I cook in the turbo alkaline water, they are much tastier and richness!

⁃ Important to me property of alkaline water is reviving wilted flowers and greenery, they should be watered first level

I bought and installed stationary ionizer their home. But this water can take, as its useful properties and structure persists only a few hours. So I took another portable ionizer a Cup. Using it, we obtain structured water with a specified pH balance. Alkaline water will give every cell of the body to get the maximum amount of nutrients and to get rid of toxins.

• Metabolism and weight

• Restores the activity of the digestive system.

• Normal functioning of the liver and biliary tract

• Improves urinary function of the kidneys.

• Normalizes the structure of bone and cartilage

• Decreases blood sugar.

• Improves the quality of blood and lymph.

• Improves quality of sleep

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