Гарри Стайлз разил сердце фанатов отказом от роли принца

Pet all the girls musician Harry styles turned down the role of the Prince in the film adaptation of “the little Mermaid”.

25-year-old Harry styles like no other was suited for the role of Prince Eric: great voice, pretty face and gorgeous hair, as well as experience in the industry. It would seem, what else do you need? So the Western media predicted his this role, citing insiders.

But just recently, there was new information. According to the publication “Variety”, talks Harry Styles ‘ Studio Disney has stalled. Musician respectfully turned down the role of Prince Eric without explanation, although he is a big fan of “the little Mermaid”.

Sources said that the initial information about the trial Stiles for the role were premature, and that the musician decided to move on. Meanwhile, the Disney Studio was beginning to consider other candidates for the role of Prince Eric. To determine the actor they have in the near future, because in 2020 should already start shooting a feature-length remake.

This news has upset not only fans, has already submitted his, singing love songs, but also a large cinema chain. So, two of them AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas -managed to inform in his Twitter that Harry styles definitely will play in the new “the little Mermaid”.

We will add, the Director of the remake of “the little Mermaid” will be Robb Marshall. In the upcoming movie will feature original songs and tunes from the “classic” cartoon, released in 1989. Then the cartoon became a hit of its time, with its output connected “Renaissance Disney”.

While it is known the name of only one approved of the actress 19 – year-old singer Holly Bailey, which got the lead role of Ariel. However, with this decision Disney did not agree, many viewers around the world. In their opinion, “dark-skinned” girl doesn’t fit in the Canon Blencoe and a redhead Mermaid. Although others note that it is similar to a fish’s facial features, and this will definitely play into her hands. Also, this role could be played by Chloe Moretz and Lindsay Lohan.

Note that in the Western world there are rumors that Holly Bailey can join Melissa McCarthy (Ursula), Javier Bardem (king Triton), Akvafina (scuttle) and Jacob Tremblay (flounder).

We will remind, “the little Mermaid” will not be the first remake of Disney’s. A couple of years, the Corporation has managed to “resurrect” “the jungle Book”, “Aladdin”, “beauty and the beast”, “Mry Poppins” and “the lion King”, which became the highest grossing animated film in history, beating the record of “frozen.” But the company is not going to stop. The plans also shooting remakes the cartoon “Bambi”, “Cruella”, “Dumbo”, “Peter pan”, “Tinker bell” and “the sword in the stone”.

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