Что известно о «Новой фабрике звезд»: амбициозные участники и интриги из-за ведущих This fall on MUZ-TV will start showing the return of the ambitious project, which saw teenagers in zero. At the time, “star Factory” has opened up many promising artists. While passions run high around the casting, “StarHit” learned the details of the upcoming premiere.
Что известно о «Новой фабрике звезд»: амбициозные участники и интриги из-за ведущих

In September, the MUZ-TV starts showing “New idol” which will be restarting the same transmission on the First channel. At the time she opened the names Polina Gagarina, Timothy, Rita Dakota, Vlad Sokolovsky, Zara, Irina Dubtsova, Victoria Daineko, the group “Factory” and many other popular performers. Now in the midst of the casting in the program. On August 10 at the Metropolitan theatre Alla Duhova will be a review of anyone wishing to conquer show business. While some new performers are ready to hit the jury, “StarHit” to find out what is known about one of the most high-profile premieres of the season.


The role of leading the renewed “American idol” claimed Lera Kudryavtseva and Irina Dubtsova, but TV guide decided in favor of Ksenia Sobchak. Today MUZ-TV discuss with teledelay the amount of the fee. For it is written that fame is “one of the most professional and popular TV presenters of our country.” Future stars said that they cooperate with each other for a long time.

“Channel MUZ-TV and Ksenia Sobchak has long-standing friendly relations: in the distant 2007 year Xenia had your own reality show “the Blonde in chocolate” on MUZ-TV, and leading ceremonies MUZ-TV, she became a record eight times!” – written on the official website of the channel.

In conversation with journalists Lera Kudryavtseva said that was not involved in the casting. According to the leader, she accepted the offer MUZ-TV due to the large employment in other projects. The TV star believes a colleague a perfect candidate for the role of the face of the program.

Что известно о «Новой фабрике звезд»: амбициозные участники и интриги из-за ведущих“On account of the format of the show can’t help but think that she (Sobchak — Ed.) cope. Xenia still not yet done. I think she now has changed a lot. She is a professional person, so it is a great chance to appear on TV. So it’s all very well,” said Kudryavtseva.

Lera believes that the restart of the program will be popular because viewers “like to watch other people.” He also wished the project every success, as it “my dear, good, interesting.” The same opinion is shared by Victor Drobysh, which will produce other artists.

What happened to the participants of the project “Factory of stars”

“I believe that the “Factory of stars” is the most classical design on the music television. This is the most successful and the only project that has given our country the largest number of new stars. Largely due to the First channel. It Stas Peha, and Timothy, and Gagarin, and Dubtsova, and a Sorcerer. This is not just a project in which the children participated, and then ended, and the project with the continuation,” – said the worker of show business.

Speaking to reporters, Drobysh also reported that the role of leading the program there were many contenders, but Sobchak was “very important find”.

Что известно о «Новой фабрике звезд»: амбициозные участники и интриги из-за ведущих


Representatives of the MUZ-TV keep the suspense about the details of the autumn premiere, wanting to keep her details secret. It is known that the essence of the “New idol” will not be different from previous programs aired on the First channel from 2002 to 2007. Again the focus will be unknown performers who want to enter into a contract with a producer and begin to conquer the show business. On the way to the musical Olympus artists will have to wait for serious tests and competitions with each other.

According to Viktor Drobysh, the project representatives will monitor the organization’s Endemol that launched at the time with music Star Academy. Being the owner a license for such a show, Dutch TV-production company makes serious demands on channels, adapting its product.

“I can’t reveal the secret, but I think everything should be in the style of under the control of Endemol, which has direct relevance to this project. It seems that even if you want something to “steer” and “otvoriti”, Endemol won’t allow you to do this. But I believe that the rules so constructed and maintained, that God himself commanded just blindly trust them, go ahead and do not think,” shared the producer.


Aspiring artists who dream of fame and lucrative contracts, fill in the form on the website MUZ-TV. Young people are asked to answer a few simple questions about why they decided to participate in the project and achieve a cherished dream and tell us, do you share their parents passion for music. Internet users can vote for their favourite artist “like”.

Among the most popular contestants was 27-year-old Arthur Trenev, who once participated in the project “Want to Meladze” and took on its results, the third place under the guidance of Polina Gagarina. “I’d like to sing in every city!” – said the young man.

24-year-old Olga Polyakov from Rostov-on-don can boast one of the most popular singers of the country, but it will actively call for a tour. “This year was invited to the Republic of Crimea as a guest of honor,” – said the girl, adding that she then sang a hymn of his own composition. A 25-year-old Alex from Novy Urengoy, who were not to paint the important stages in a singing career, chose to impress the jury with his arrogance.

“Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist” – the young man answered the question of what implementation wish him parents.
Что известно о «Новой фабрике звезд»: амбициозные участники и интриги из-за ведущих

Most of the contestants are genuinely interested in music and can’t imagine my life without her. They give the hobby a few hours a day. So, 23-year-old Andrey from Krasnodar has been vocal about five years.

“The task of the singer is not just to help the listener to relax, to forget. In my opinion, music is a specific method of communication, perception and concepts. (…) I very much want to say the mass, many people want to share, things I want to convey, for the most part I want to be a singer”, – says Andrey.

27-the summer inhabitant of Moscow Victoria singing on stage since the age of three and says that it’s her life. “I would be most happy if you became a professional singer!” – says the girl. A 26-year-old Anna from Volgograd, who also sent an application to the casting of, more than anything else wishes happiness to your loved ones. “My dream is not connected with music. The biggest dream of every mother is the health of her children,” wrote the singer on his application.

Many young people write that they are supported by parents. “They believe in me more than myself” – says 21-year-old Vadim. “My mom wants me became a actress. Want to look at my TV screen and crying from happiness,” said 22-year-old Olesya.

However, this does not always happen – in some cases family asked for artists to link their lives with a more stable income. So, 22-year-old Vadim’s mother and father were persuaded to become oilman. But the guy managed to persuade them to enroll in Saint Petersburg state University of cinema and television. And the situation is quite different from 19-year-old Alexander from Vitebsk, which burns a desire to become pop singer.

“My parents strongly opposed my creative manifestations. They do not support me that I chose a creative profession, and going on a casting “Factories of stars”. But, of course, they still love me and wish me well, which is why they recommend me to choose a profession easier, which will be useful in everyday life and will bring a stable income,” said the young man.

In preparing the article used materials of MUZ-TV and TV channel “360”.