Что скрывает Эдгард Запашный в своем телефоне Tigers, operation, and favorite tracks – “StarHit” looked in iPhone trainer. There we found the correspondence of the artist with family and friends, photos with the guests of the concert programs and the most frequently used applications.

      Что скрывает Эдгард Запашный в своем телефоне

      Fans of Edgar zapashnogo used to the fact that he was always very Frank with them. The man quite often shares with subscribers microblog details of everyday life, but it is quite personal things about his younger daughters or socializing with close friends, trying to keep for themselves. However, for the “StarHit” the famous trainer still made an exception and allowed to look at his phone, where we found the correspondence with Yulia Baranovskaya, personal photos and favorite songs circus artist.

      As it turned out, probably the most used app in the smartphone zapashnogo is Navigator. “I spend half my life on the road. Abroad always take the car out and thanks Navigator move on their own,” explained Edgar.

      Also among the numerous family photos in phone celebrities, we noticed a photo of the Olympic champion Margarita Mamun. The girl came to the circus brothers Zapashny, to spend time among the four-legged artists. “After the speech was introduced to the Olympic champion Margarita Mamun with our tiger Ozzy. RRR”, – told the trainer and posted this photo in his microblog.

      Just a month ago in the media leaked information that Edgard Zapashny had surgery. “StarHit” then contacted the man and asked about the details of the incident. As it turned out, that day on the relationship with the trainer, left many friends who sincerely worried for his health, and among them was TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya. In correspondence, the star asked the man about the health.

      “In early February, I severely injured my back, even needed surgery. It was made in Europe. Had to stop rehearsals and cancel the speech. Julia Baranovskaya asked me about my health in What’sapp. Messenger, which I use most often. Julia and I are old friends. She often leads the children to our performances,” commented on a conversation with teledelay Zapashny.