Виктор Рыбин и Наталья Сенчукова пожаловались на взрослого сына The musicians are asking the heir to rid of bad habits. Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova admitted that they could not affect 18-year-old Basil. In a family there is a disagreement in the future. The young man refuses to listen to the parents.

      Виктор Рыбин и Наталья Сенчукова пожаловались на взрослого сына

      Musician Victor Rybin and his wife, singer Natalia Senchukova considered one of the strongest couples of the Russian show-business. Wife for more than twenty five years together, nineteen of whom are married. Victor Rybin has told how he suffered a terrible tragedy

      In February, only son of the star couple Basil was eighteen years old. Parents are proud of her offspring, who is currently getting an education in Mgica. A young man studying to be a theater Director and theatrical performances. Victor Rybin and Natalia Senchukova believe that the creative University is the only school that is perfect for their son. In the program “While all houses” the musicians told me that Basil, like any creative person, loves to create chaos.

      “Natasha and believe that Bob got the right place, – said Victor Rybin. – When the son comes home, first you can see one of his shoes, three meters two. On the stairs, one sock, five meters two. One in the bunch will roll Mike. Another shirt, then abandoned two glasses and a plate. Well, what is technical College?”
      Виктор Рыбин и Наталья Сенчукова пожаловались на взрослого сына

      Star parents have been fighting with the mess in the house. But not always be winners. “I am a former naval officer, and still going to torment Vasya order – announced his position Victor Rybin. Personally, my childhood, mother taught him, and with Bob to no avail. But as they say in military school, can’t teach or force you do it yourself. What I’m doing. When Bob go on a trip, I stood in his closet and all his clothes neatly folded. However, enough of this for four hours.”

      By the way, Vasily for many years seriously was engaged karate. The guy has about a hundred and twenty medals, half of which are awards of the highest dignity. However, due to health issues with sports, it was decided to end, the guy began to hurt the joints.

      New Basil passion is music. Young man with friends created a rock band, writes songs in English. Famous parents the passion of the heir to approve, knowing in whom he went. However, Victor Rybin unhappy that the group repertoire includes songs in Russian, and asked Basil to improve. Here the young man to the opinion of the parent listened and promised to meet his wishes.