Владимир Познер раскритиковал родителей юных участников «Минуты славы» The presenter explained why he was not in the taste room eight-year-old resident of Nizhny Tagil Victoria Starikova. Earlier, the girl made the song Zemfira “Live in your head”. Room young actress caused a mixed reaction from the members of the jury of the TV show.

      Владимир Познер раскритиковал родителей юных участников «Минуты славы»

      Recently on shootings of show of the First channel “Minute of glory” was a scandal. Some members of the jury spoke negatively about number eight Victoria Starikova from Nizhny Tagil. The girl performed the song Zemfira “Live in your head”, accompanying himself on piano. However, Vladimir Pozner, Renata Litvinova and Sergei Yursky found that Victoria was too small for a proper understanding of this composition. Listening to the reviews celebrity experts, Starikov began to cry.

      Occurred in the program caused a strong public resonance. So, the producer Maxim Fadeev found the behavior of the members of the jury too severe and appealed to Victoria Starikova, to support her. Recently the situation has commented and Vladimir Pozner. The presenter gave an explanation of its actions, answering the question of TV viewer from Nizhny Tagil. The woman asked Vladimir why he’s totally against children on the stage.

      Maxim Fadeev outraged by the cruelty of the jury “minutes of glory”

      “I am absolutely convinced that most often when parents take their children on stage, they said vanity. I don’t mean competitions of professional, for example, pianists or violinists, in which competing future professionals, children who are preparing to become professional musicians-performers… But such competitions as the “Moment of glory” is quite another matter. It is not a struggle between the future professionals, it is rather a kind of show where people can show themselves and, if possible, to win some money and maybe to attract the attention of any agent,” said the presenter.
      Владимир Познер раскритиковал родителей юных участников «Минуты славы»

      According to Posner, the young artists do not take part in the entertainment TV projects. But if new artists still try their hand in the show, then, as suggested by Mr Putin, they are subjected to severe stress. The presenter believes that parents must protect children from such situations.

      “I am categorically against it, because the child perceives the loss as a tragedy (a child has no chance to win in the competition with adults), admired by all, mom and dad were delighted with them! It is clear that Vika was crying, and we ought to cry to her mother. We need to feel sorry for the children, not to shock their system”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.

      Previously, his position on the children on stage expressed Renata Litvinova. Actress and Director believes that young artists should not take part in vocal competitions. According to celebrity, children can be severely injured, if not pass one of the stages. Renata Litvinova explained the attacks on the young participant of “minute of fame”