Svetlana Loboda on divorce: “When the daughter grows up, I will be able to explain it to her”

Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить» The singer admitted that she is not easy to meet the right man. After parting with the civil husband Andrew King Svetlana Loboda brings up six-year-old daughter, me, was really exciting and is in no hurry to rush headlong into a new relationship.

      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»

      Almost every song is Svetlana Loboda becomes a hit and resonates in the hearts of the listeners. Sexy image of the singer excites the imagination of many men, however, until the woman found your soulmate. Some time ago she was tied up relationship with choreographer Andrew King. Now Svetlana brings their total daughter, me, was really exciting. The actress said “StarHit” about what she’s teaching his little heiress, and described what kind of life partner she is looking for.

      You do not hesitate to post a rather provocative shots as it was backstage of the video “Your eyes”. Not afraid of condemnation from the fans?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»I wouldn’t call it provocative, we wanted to share with the audience how was the shooting of the video “Your eyes”. I admit, it was one of the most challenging works of my career. For four days our team had a series of incidents. It all started with the fact that because of an error the airlines had lost four suitcases with all the costumes and props for the video. Two days with my producer Natella Krapivina was trying to find your Luggage in Europe. But that was only the beginning of our adventure. During the shooting process, for which we went to Andalusia, for unexplained reasons, stopped windmills,and we all had to reshoot some scenes. The next day I flew on a car in a ditch, but it is good that all has managed. —
      What is the most insane act committed anyone of the fans?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»I remember once my team arrived for a concert in one of the cities of our tour, outside was freezing cold, around -20 degrees. Before entering we were greeted by the fans, and the young man was in his underwear, was covered only by the poster. Imagine almost naked in this cold! I asked him: “why are You undressed?”, and he said: “I wanted you to remember me!” This is probably one of the most crazy things that you can do.

      What is man that you notice him?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»I may be interested in only of mind and a good sense of humor. And yet intelligence and nobleness, a truly rare today qualities. I’m not amorous man, I am too focused on themselves, on their work. To start something new, I must be truly fascinated by the man, believing him to want to be with him. And this to me have not happened. —
      What is your ideal life partner?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»It must meet all the expectations of what a real man: decent, honest, kind, intelligent, with sense of humor… Believe that it exists. But in fact, not many brave souls willing to explore with me, not to mention something more serious. The popularity has a reverse side: someone is afraid of competition, some mythical inflated standards, and some just “hang” in the Wake of personal complexes. I don’t know when will again be able to someone to open up and to trust, after all, are responsible not only for themselves but for the daughter, eve. For me it is very important that my potential suitor loved her is at least not smaller than me. My man should also be man is not similar to my profession, but it does not hinder my development in work. I already had a bad experience, and I realized that the house I want to be just a woman, not to think about the scene, not to discuss the concerts. And I want someone who will just care about me, gave me the opportunity to feel weak and defenseless. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create in my previous relationships. And now I know how important this is.—
      You complain of the absence of strong men’s shoulder or enjoy the solitude?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»I believe I will meet my man. Understand that between a man and a woman have a relationship, they should in principle be allowed into their lives and allow them to develop. Now this is not possible because all free time I devote his daughter. And this time itself are too little for the last three years I spend it in planes, in studios, on set. And it’s not even to elementary to prepare dinner your man, and it is in such details care man.

      You are dealing with the father of your daughter? If he helps you financially?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»Yes. I believe that to cut people need always good. History, when mom does not allow dad to meet the child feel stupid. You cannot act selfishly to children: they are innocent. If the relationship between parents has ended, it in no way should affect them. Now I can’t afford to relax more than once a year, as at the moment responsible for his entire family, being the only breadwinner. Only in January we are enjoying the sun. The rest of the time dashes between concerts, rehearsals and filming. —
      Daughter dreams that you once again will be together?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»Andrew comes almost every day, and they eve treat each other with tenderness. I decided that my personal relationships should not affect the child, and the daughter never even asked why daddy doesn’t live with us. I think in the next couple of years and not ask. And grow up – I will be able to explain it to her. I think we will not have problems with mutual understanding, the child me feels very good. I’m sure she will understand everything correctly. Our history with Andrew a long time ago has ended, now we live with him in parallel worlds, but we communicate well.

      Whose quality is more pronounced in eve your or her father?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»The girl is a very developed child, very intelligent for his age. It on a horoscope Aries, very stubborn. Purposefulness, ability to convey his thoughts and the reason why she wants so and not otherwise – I think she gets that from me. And her dad is very cool and teaches dance. Musicality and sense of rhythm, most likely from both of us. And she draws great! She likes it very much — I attribute this to the fact that at the time he painted. My house is worth about 20 works. —
      You said you have not sought well in school, and was engaged in creativity. Do you wish for your daughter a good basic education or allow her to choose what to study and what to ignore?
      Светлана Лобода о разводе: «Когда дочь подрастет, я смогу ей все объяснить»Eva is very active and developed child. To school we go in six years. She has a great memory, she easily remembers the poems, retells stories. And she is very socially active, loves society, company. At school she will be quite comfortable. We already decided that we were going to study in Kiev, in the school of foreign languages. I want to give her daughter a good education, a bright full life. Eva is developing very fast, and I see that she is interested in, and try to give her. So the girl constantly busy. Thus in the evening to put her to sleep is impossible: this is some incredible ball of energy. For me, as for any mother, it is important that the child was happy, and the way she would choose herself. —
      Whether you are dreaming about the children?
      I really want a second child. But for now – focus on career. She moves forward, and I would not like to miss the point.