«Что случилось?» Сергей Жуков напугал поклонников болезненным видом
The singer admitted that he needs help.

Sergei Zhukov

Photo: @Instagram sezhukov Sergei Zhukov

Sergei Zhukov has decided to play a little prank on the fans. In
his microblog artist posted a photo taken on set
new project. It the soloist of group “Hands Up!” appeared disguised with
black painted “circles” under the eyes. But the fact that his face only
paint, they decided to fans not to share. Moreover, he is referring to
feeling sick, I asked for their help.

“Friends, how to remove dark
circles under the eyes from fatigue? There are some fashion trends right now? Cabbage
sheet? Concealer? Mesotherapy? Biorevitalization?” — said Zhukov.

But not all fans realized
the humor of Sergei and began seriously to give artists advice about how to quickly
to restore health. “What’s wrong? This is because of the diet this kind? Need to see a doctor!”,
“No need to push yourself to the limit. Need to rest”, “If it’s not true, not funny… health is not a joke!” — write fans.

By the way, for the past six months, Sergei is really changed much. And we are not talking about dark circles under the eyes and about his weight. For a short time, Zhukov was able to say goodbye to more than 20 extra pounds. The artist says that it did not resort to any special methods of losing weight and just started to eat right and a lot of exercise.