Стефания Маликова потеряла шансы на поступление в МГИМО?
In the Network actively discussing the topic of the receipt of the daughters of the artist at the faculty of journalism.

Stefaniya Malikova

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Recently, the Network appeared information: Stephanie Malikova no longer “shines” admission to the University. This is the conclusion users of social networks came reviewing the lists published on the University website. The fact that, according to the data on students this year, the daughter of the artist did not have enough points for admission even in the budget Department. In sum, Stephanie scored for the exam in three subjects 233 points. In the lists for contract training Stefania took only 73 position and on budget and is 174 character. This is happy news detractors Malikova, of which, for some strange reason, Stephanie very much.

Only now, they were happy “failure” Stephanie prematurely. Spiteful critics did not realize that the list was preliminary and did not take into account the results of the appeal and creative competition. But for Stephanie it was already 97 points! As a result of all entrance tests Malikov scored 330 points, which most likely will now allow her to apply for a contractual office. Fans congratulated Stephanie, because studying in MGIMO has been a dream of the daughter of a musician.

By the way, admission Malikova at the faculty of journalism was accompanied by loud scandal. Immediately after the announcement of results of the exam by the family of the accused in the bribery Commission. Although in fact, Stephanie has shown excellent results on the exam on the Russian language, gaining 91 points. But on other subjects she was not such a good performance. The exam in a foreign language “brought” her 73 points, and in Russian literature only 69.