ВИДЕО: Громкий скандал с Аленой Апиной получил своё продолжение
Insulted the singer intends to sue a well-known blogger.

Recently a well-known blogger Lena Miro, known for his caustic comments about the stars of Russian show business, turned his attention to Alain Apina. In her blog, she published a scathing post on the star of the 90s. it Miro drew the attention of subscribers already far not the perfect figure of the actress, who strive to constantly demonstrate in skimpy outfits around.

Alena Apina

Photo: @neapina Instagram Alena’s Epinoy

After discussing in detail “flabby” body of the singer, the blogger indicated to the Network users that Apina often poses not only Topless, but with a glass of wine, alluding to the addiction of the singer. “Enough to eat! Enough thump! Enough to shame! You’re my grandmother, and your body is not about sex!” — says the publication Miro.

Apina, hearing this, was furious. The singer intends to put in place the blogger. She stated that she will not tolerate insults in your address and ready to defend his honor in court.

And today it became known that threats to Epinoy not at all scared of Miro. Moreover, she is looking forward to meeting with the singer in court. “It is my great pleasure to send my lawyer and photographers to court, where she will prove that she is not a flabby stomach, but she is not a woman, and a young, perky girl. But at the same time, and get a counterclaim on my part — I’m sure we’ll have fun all right!” — answered Epinoy Miro.