Lost her voice, Adele is mastering sign language

Потерявшая голос Адель осваивает язык глухонемых
The singer explains marks.



days Adele surprised the teachers of the elite London private school, which receives its
son Angelo. Appearing in school, she refused to talk to
someone, making, at the same time, some strange gestures. It’s good that she was
no one accompanied her husband Simon Konecki, Angelo’s father, helped to clarify the situation.

told that his wife has a problem with the vocal cords and the doctors forbade
to tell her. And strange gestures, which made Adele is some kind of sign language it
of his own invention. Sam Simon has already learned to understand it, but the surrounding
often left in complete bewilderment, trying to figure out what she wanted
to say.

it was reported a few weeks ago, Adele is extremely disappointed his fans,
canceling the last two shows of his tour because of vocal issues. In a statement, the singer explained that he was, to her great regret, forced to do so because of injured vocal cords and just not able

the saddest thing about this story is that, as explained by Adel doctors, it can
lose your voice forever. The fact that 6 years ago she has suffered injury,
for a long time deprived of her ability to sing. The singer was bleeding in
vocal cords is so severe that it required surgery to
to cope with its consequences. Then the doctors also told her not to speak.
And warned that if she continued to overextend his vocal cords, may
to lose the voice forever. And now Adele is afraid that it is it is now