Regina todorenko received an offer hands and hearts

Регина Тодоренко получила предложение руки и сердца
The presenter is preparing for the wedding.

Regina Todorenko

Photo: @Instagram reginatodorenko Regina Todorenko

Regina todorenko is going to become a married lady. Moreover, the proposal of marriage she received from the three gentlemen. Moreover, Regina has announced that soon fans will be able to witness the solemn event. That’s just happen it will all be fun… at the theater, where very soon will premiere with the participation of Regina.

“I made an offer hands and hearts! 3 different men in the same day. And I said, “Yes”… it’s too bad that all this fun. As I’m getting married, you’re able to see the play “Lay wife to the pawnshop” in which I play!” — told Todorenko.

The TV presenter is looking forward to the day of the premiere, in fact with the scene of her long-standing and very warm relationship. In her youth, she more than 10 years devoted to study at the theater Studio. “I really want to relive the magic of theatrical make-up, costumes, wings powdered with dust and hear the warm deep voice of the Director!” — said Regina.