Что мы знаем о таинственном Свами Даши One of the most mysterious members of the “Battle of psychics” TV channel TNT lived for several years in India. It completely changed his attitude. His task, he sees it, is to help people. “StarHit” learned more about Swami Dashi.

      In the final of the third edition of “Battle of psychics” the jury determined the favorite and the participant who left the project. It left a 20-year-old witch from Krasnodar Margarita bakhtiyarova. As for the winner of this series, then became mysterious mystic Swami Dashi. Apparently, he had a premonition that will provide it. On the question of Marat Basharova about whose name is in a white envelope, Dasha replied that it was a middle-aged man, handsome as the “rolls Royce”. “StarHit” was a portrait of a favorite program, which from the first series impressed viewers and became one of people’s Pets.

      Marilyn Kerro: “I Have only one rival”

      the life of Swami Dashi to the project

      About age and family Swami Dasha very little is known. According to the TNT, Dasha has four children, and the spouse mysticism much younger than him. On one of the tests he mentioned that his eldest son 34 years old, and the youngest six years old. For more information about himself he prefers not to advertise. However, like other details of his life, as he admitted in the group on Facebook. There are speculations that he was born in St. Petersburg, but no one can say whether it’s true or not.

      “I live quite a sheltered life, very few people around me, and then the barrage of emails, confessions. Take my ego, please. It’s all very nice, but very unusual, even weird. Well, a new experience, maybe it’s time to start enjoying the benefits of civilization!”, — shared Dashi with their fans.

      After the first series of battle of the psychics” Swami were flooded with reviews and comments in the Internet there are many fake accounts of psychic, trying to cash in on his name. It should be noted that to distinguish the scams from the Dashi is quite simple — he just wrote that it did not undertake remote consultations, preferring personal meetings communication in the Network. Dashi, apparently not used to such a wave of popularity, he was known in narrow circles of the leading meditation and body-oriented practices.

      As for the benefits of the civilizations mentioned by the psychic, he’s not kidding. Long time the man lived in India almost 20 years of his life he spent on the study of Eastern and Western practices. Swami Dashi is not the real name of the psychic, but he believes that it reflects its essence. Swami is a title which is often used in Hinduism, the word refers to a person exempt from the feelings. Differently, it is the monk, who has left the worldly desire to serve others.

      Creeds that a psychic has spent dozens of years, completely changed his attitude. By his own admission, he took a fresh look at the world and began to live in the heart. The mission Dasha, he argues, is to help people become better and find yourself. To this end, the Swami conducts various activities dedicated to the development of the inner world of man and of the control body.

      In their work, Dasha uses techniques such as massage, meditation skills and yoga and bodily pulsation Osho. He says that he reads people like books, and can even manage them. The end of meditation Swami and his group in social networks emphasizes that he is not engaged in any kinds of magic. “Swami Dashi is a spiritual practitioner with decades of experience, and his methods are not based on the popular magic or other usual audience of “Battle of psychics” rites or rituals. He’s working on his own technique based on integrated their energy practices existing in the world for thousands of years. Damage, penalty, dissuade, divination, erasing karma, and other dubious “miracles” he is not practicing, as it is against his philosophy and, in his opinion, does not bear good to people,” say the administrators of the community Dashi. They also warn that psychic is not inclined to predict future events or guess what happened in the past. The exception he made for the program of the TNT channel.

      Part of Dasha in the “Battle of psychics”

      With the first series of Swami Dasha became one of the most popular members of “the battle of psychics.” He quickly was able to determine what kind of car the person is. In addition, I felt a male energy in the actress Nastassja Samburski and her strong relationship with her father, who was jailed when she was five years old. Even Swami was angered by the celebrity Board as soon as possible to have a baby. According to Samburski, the purpose of a woman is not this, however, Dasha was ready to her.

      Nastasya Samburski first talked about mothers living in poverty

      “I came to the project to show that it is possible something to do for rituals, books or rituals, and using energy,” — said in an interview with TV channel TNT Dashi.

      In the second series of battle of the psychics had to guess which girl is pregnant from a young man named Vladimir. Swami Dashi was able to understand what the young woman actually is not expecting a baby, as well as to know the future heroine of the task, after which she burst into tears. When psychics went to Obninsk to investigate the Odd murder of Masha, Dasha Swami was able to find her burial place and to tell the facts about the girl. Mystic also suggested that Odd died after being attacked by a maniac.

      In the third series of the popular TV program viewers remember the test when psychics needed to go on a dangerous maze of abandoned mining Institute, not to run into an ambush professional soldiers. They chose a few points, where he sat down waiting for the participants of the battle. Dasha was able to not only see all the pitfalls and feel what the war was attended by their opponents, and see their tattoo and even to understand the internal state.

      “For me fundamentally to win, is the courage,” — said in the final of the third series of the battle of Dashi.

      According to polls in various fans ‘ groups, “the battle of psychics” Swami regularly won first place. The energy also felt Marilyn Kerro specified in the air one of the shows that Dasha is a very strong psychic. “He’s very cool, the Most powerful psychic this battle”, “do not disappoint”, “the Bright man”, “First place for him”, “we Immediately see that has the gift” — written by viewers in the Network.