Игорь Кириллов познакомился с внуками после смерти сына The heir to a well-known speaker for many years did not communicate with parents. Igor Kirillov admitted that he has already forgiven Vsevolod, who because of a quarrel came to his mother’s funeral. TV host prays every day for her son, asking God rest his soul.

      Игорь Кириллов познакомился с внуками после смерти сына

      On 14 September one of the most famous speakers of our country, people’s artist of the Soviet Union Igor Kirillov has turned 84. Your birthday Igor Leonidovich said in the Studio of the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov. A conversation with Maestro TV was very genuine and sincere. Igor Kirillov met his love in 80 years

      It was not only creative, but also the personal life of Igor Kirillov, which was a place of dramatic and even tragic events. Major pain known speaker is his relationship with his son Vsevolod. Igor Kirillov doesn’t like to talk about the causes of conflict with the heir. About the fight Vsevolod with his parents in an interview said the eldest daughter of Igor Leonidovich Anna.

      Игорь Кириллов познакомился с внуками после смерти сына “It happened many years ago, during the life of the mother,” she says. – Brother at the cottage had a fight with the whole family. I don’t know exactly what happened there. I have information on only one side. Vsevolod broke contact with the family and with me, even though I was not present then in the country. He even changed all the phones.”

      A few years ago and of Vsevolod himself. The man died in 2011 from a bout of pancreatitis, he was only forty years. The son of Igor Kirillov is survived by his wife and four children. Famous grandfather met his grandchildren after the death of the heir.

      In the “Today tonight” revealed the plot involving the widow of Vsevolod Daria Kirillova and four grandchildren Igor Leonidovich – the Nasty, twins Katie and Lisa, and younger Basil, which is very similar to his father. The children and their mother were first interviewed on television.

      Игорь Кириллов познакомился с внуками после смерти сына“Seva is older than me by ten years, – says Daria Kirillova. – It was a typical office romance. He worked in Ostankino, in an advertising Agency, and I went there to get a job. About the father of Seva never said. Said that he had a difficult relationship with my parents, and I did not ask questions. They are strong personalities, and apparently I wasnt able to find a common language. Seva was worried about mom so much, but the funeral did not go. Irina Vsevolodovna they lie in the same grave. It was the desire of Igor Leonidovich, he asked, and I felt it was right.”

      Igor Kirillov became friends with sister-in-law and grandchildren. According to Daria, the kids love to stay on visits to his famous grandfather. “Igor Leonidovich very kindly accepted them, – continues the story of a young woman. – My dad is long dead, and what the grandfather they learned for the first time, got acquainted with Igor Kirillovich. It turns out, is a grandfather. You can come to him in a cozy apartment, to run, to touch everything, it allows all”.

      “Grandpa is strict and kind at the same time, we love it,” said the eldest granddaughter of celebrity Anastasia.

      Игорь Кириллов познакомился с внуками после смерти сына

      While on the screen in the Studio was the plot involving the little heirs of Igor Leonidovich, the camera repeatedly showed Kirillova closeup. His face went a bright smile. Once the story was completed, Igor Kirillov admitted that long ago forgave the son, and now prays every day for him.

      Игорь Кириллов познакомился с внуками после смерти сына“I pray the Lord to grant him peace – said the famous speaker. – Pray that the son was found there with my mother, so he was happy again and became what he was in childhood.