Нумеролог: Шепс сам закончит отношения с Керро Clara Kuzenbaeva felt that waiting a couple in the future.According to women, relationships Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps depend only on the MAG. Numerologist convinced that all will end exactly the moment when he tired of the obstinacy of his beloved.

      Нумеролог: Шепс сам закончит отношения с Керро

      In early September, began the new season of the popular TV show “Battle of psychics.” To everyone’s surprise as all the participants and spectators, the program returned the famous Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. The third time she decided to tempt fate and fight for a rank of the best psychic. Some decided that the action of the flame-haired beauty is linked with obsession, and hastened to denounce him, while others expressed the view that this time Kerro will be able to succeed. Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva said that actually moves Marilyn.

      Fans of kerro guess about the cause of her break with the Sheps

      “Life code Marilyn – 448 426. She’s selfish, low self-esteem, complexes, in her character there is skepticism, but she is a hard worker. No doubt she has talents, so people are always lucky. Kerro from the category of people who are always not satisfied with something. She was part of, very stubborn. But what confuses me is the fact that she has no intuition, and the predictor it should be. Marilyn more, the artist who follows the script and, judging by her numbers, no psychic abilities it does not possess. But she’s that woman who always appears at the right moment. Of course, Marilyn is a big dreamer and has a talent to transform,” concluded Kuzenbaeva.

      Also not paid attention to the numerologist and Alexander Sheps, who became the winner of the 14th season of “Battle of psychics”. “The life code of Isaac – 347 303. This, of course, a person who has psychic abilities. He knows in advance what people will say, can read minds… Its very difficult to cheat the weight he sees and feels”, – said the numerologist.

      Now all the netizens are discussing the separation of Marilyn and of Isaac, and wondering if the couple are destined to be together again or they are gone completely. Klara and on this account their opinion.

      “Of course, in their relations Marilyn is subject to the Sheps. Alexander realizes that to argue with Kerro useless, so he runs it by flattery. The fact is that he is self-sufficient, and Marilyn’s low self-esteem, though, and seems to be a strong person. Their relationship is completely controlled by Alexander, and it all depends on him. It concerns the future couples. It is possible that the Sheps tired of the persistence of Marilyn, he gets tired of her games,” said the numerologist.

      While Kuzenbaeva convinced that Marilyn Kerro does not have psychic abilities. According to the woman, red-haired witch could do at least the business people, but the problem is that there is no force there.