Alain Vodonaeva became enraged from the act of the governess

Алена Водонаева пришла в ярость от поступка гувернантки Kim’s housemaid and nanny of her child ruined one of the most important things in life celebrity — her smartphone. The woman lied Vodonaevoy, saying that drowned him in a bucket. In fact, the phone accidentally fell into the washing machine. According to Alena, lost thousands of precious photos, notes, important messages. Vodonaeva thinks to fire his employee.

      Ex-participant of the project “Dom-2” Alain Vodonaeva has recently shared with fans the sad news of her life — a babysitter to her adorable Bogdan heir messed up smartphone stars. The woman said Vodonaevoy that drowned her phone in a bucket of hot water. As a result, he was destroyed forever. “Everything! All contacts, all photos. Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Thailand, Amsterdam. 10 thousand photos of Bohdan, including travel: Switzerland, France, Turkey, Crimea. All contacts, notes, where I write my thoughts, post to Whats App. All gone in the bucket,” said a frustrated celebrity.

      Act nanny brought Alain out of himself, because, as he told the star, it’s happened before. Vodonaeva has repeatedly asked the woman to be more attentive.

      “I’m so evil, no words. I, like a moron, telling her endlessly one and the same — check out our Bo pockets, before taking something to the Laundry (many times I have washed money) and not to forget the night to pick food in the fridge. Is it really so difficult to remember?!”, — troubled TV star.

      Vodonaeva also told followers that in spite of the forgetfulness of a nanny, she has excellent living conditions and work — decent salary and private room. “I pay for everything! Until women’s needs. She has her own separate, beautiful room and a personal driver I in September ‘ 15 took for her and Bogdan. The nanny only household and household history. That is, do not want to live! Just check the pockets and Tupi”, — said Alena.

      Particularly strong Vodonaevu frustrated by the fact that you now have to spend money on a new phone Apple brand fan which is the star. In the plans of this leading not included. She also noted that he does not like irresponsible attitude to their work.

      “I’m furious just. I certainly didn’t want now to put into a new phone. Was going to wait a bit when the excitement wears off, in two weeks… I despise irresponsibility in work, I get mad when there’s so blunt and sit on the neck, I hate because of someone’s idiocy to get to the money”, — wrote Vodonaeva in Instagram.

      In the end, Alena has acquired the latest model of smartphone favorite brand of soft pink color. When the wizard disassembled an old phone stars, he found in him a washing powder that made Vodonaevu to think about the dishonesty of its employee. Now leading ponders whether to dismiss a babysitter for her or take pity on the woman. “She washed it in the machine. It turns out that I lied again. About the bucket… I Think now what to do. To fire or just make it a sponsor of my phone. For this, of course, better to lay off, especially when you are lying,” — said Vodonaeva in social networks.