What companies to trust? Causes the professional longevity of the group of companies Vladislav Kryuchkov

Каким компаниям доверяют? Причины профессионального долголетия группы компаний Владислава Крючкова

Agree, a worthy architectural objects in Novosibirsk enough. But not everyone receives such attention, which reward projects that are built by a group of companies Vladislav Kryuchkov. All share a specific approach to the integrity of architectural image: the company care not only about the beauty of the buildings, but also about how they fit into the context. The last house Kryuchkov made in pronounced constructivista style, typical of many monuments in Novosibirsk. Thus the company not only creates spectacular homes, but also contributes to the formation of a recognizable urban style. Believe it or not, but competitors have joined the race and is actively copying the architectural techniques which the company is Vladislav Kryuchkov began to introduce a couple of years ago.

By the way the competitors are forced to copy not only the spectacular facades, but also to target a certain level of quality specified successful developer. Clients, feel how comfortable you may be living in the heart of the city, now not wanting to settle for less. Given that the price of the objects Vladislav L. Kryuchkov remain quite affordable, the construction market players are trying to match. How good can evaluate the end user: the quality increases and prices fall.

Recently, a group of companies Kryuchkov announced the first in Novosibirsk “skyscraper”. It will reach 150 metres in height and consist of 45 floors. While details were not disclosed, but experts of the construction market are confident that the building will become a new milestone in the development of Novosibirsk architecture. Previously, the maximum building height was 25 floors. To build a larger building requires specific technical developments, which now are engaged in a Moscow research Institute. The architectural community is eagerly waiting for Novosibirsk acquired Metropolitan features thanks to the stylish high-tech building.

If you examine the history of the company, then you can see how complicated the concept of objects, increasing the quality of construction and used more expensive materials. For 10 years the group of companies Vladislav Kryuchkov has introduced more than a dozen houses each of which Novosibirsk can be proud of. And if the first projects were high quality, but is simple enough that Vladislav Kryuchkov built in the last 2-3 years claims to be the best architectural objects in the field of housing construction.

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