Gogunsky divorced Irina out Irina

Гогунский развёлся с Ириной из-за другой Ирины
Star of TV series “Univer” Vitaly Gogunsky divorced with a beautiful wife Irina.

Tagansky court of Moscow gave the couple a chance for reconciliation, and waited the prescribed period of one month. But the star couple are not reconciled and on March 18 drove them apart.

Marriage of Vitaly and Irina lasted only two years, however their complicated relationship lasted much longer. We will remind, it already the second divorce of star pair.

“In life there are a large number of different situations, the only question our own attitude and approach to them. We quite adults, which has always been associated, binds and will always associate our Princess. All peace, harmony and love,”

— Gogunsky wrote on his page in Instagram.

Erin does not particularly want to comment on the breakup, but people close to the family Gogunsky said that the family split up because the last time he began to devote much time to its further development and on family time almost does not remain. And Irina’s very busy music career of his daughter Milana and husband began to see very rarely.

We found an interesting thing. In the movie star nutritionist Irina Pisareva, you can see how Vitali says that due to the personally tailored diet, he began to look better, “was swelling,” and now he is full of strength and health. It can be concluded that Gogunsky has found a second youth, and having thousands of fans took to the bachelor life. Because this stellar family lived happily together and constantly appeared in public. And after Vitali returned in the “body of Apollo”, it was seen in various places in company with other girls.

So star nutriciology Irina gave Health and happiness to Vitaly and destroyed the marriage bond star family.

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