Венцеслав Венгржановский стал настоящим мачо Participant reality show “House-2” was unrecognizable. Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky decided on a complete change of image. Fans praising the new image of men. Followers believe that now he will have incredible success with girls.

      Member of the popular reality show “Dom-2” Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky decided on a bold transformation. In the first place, he decided to get rid of slightly wavy hair that careless strands falling on the forehead of the man. Now Wenceslas boasts a stylish hair – neat haircut and bangs combed back. Also stylists work with a beard Wegrzanowski – now the vegetation on the face of the participant of the TV project took an aesthetic appearance.

      Wenceslas himself did not comment on a noticeable transformation, and just published a picture in his microblog. Fans praised the new image of men and noted that, most likely, girls will appreciate the efforts of stylists, and now the Belarusian will enjoy great popularity among the opposite sex.

      “Halo, how handsome you are. You were always pretty, and now stylish man. Umnichka!”, “Wentz, always walk, and the work of the masters for nothing”, “Now all this beauty on the casting trample”, “I See a Corolla, it’s only in how to care for themselves. Sure now you girls will reach”, – pleasant words cheered the followers in the comments.

      However, some critics do not believe that the participant “Houses-2” will keep up the new image. They suggested that in a few days the Belarusian will return to the usual appearance.

      Apparently, now the personal life Wegrzanowski much better. After the man returned last year for a project he’s still looking for his true love. After her divorce from Catherine Tokareva Venceslava failed to find a wife, so he decided to try his luck to meet a soulmate.

      Some time ago Vengrzhanovskiy in the perimeter of the reality show to build relationships with Catherine King. However, their romance ended with a scandal. “He constantly threatened me with deportation, threatened my family, child, blackmailed and extorted for money , and a few months ago he caused me a physical injury, and last week I fainted and was in the hospital (he was there and begged for forgiveness), then I concealed the fact of the battering, as I didn’t want him to have been the problem, hoping it will calm down! But he’s crazy, and here’s the proof… Today I’m back in the hospital!” – wrote King.

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