Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!» The presenter told us in an interview with “StarHit”, how her life has changed after marriage. Elegant wedding ceremony held in early June, and after almost two months the couple spent their honeymoon in Bali. On the island Nelly Ermolaeva opened a new traits of the elect.

      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»

      Popular TV presenter music channel RU.TV Nelly Ermolaeva at the beginning of June we had a big wedding. In front of the numerous guests she exchanged vows of love with her partner Kirill Andreev. Only after a month and a half after the ceremony the newly-married couples were able to make time to go to journey together. As a resort for the honeymoon they chose the island of Bali. Nelly said in an interview with “StarHit” about the changing face of the holiday with loved ones, shared dreams about the children and said when they wanted to get married.

      Nellie, why did you choose to honeymoon in Bali?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»I’m there on vacation. I believe that Bali is a magical place, sacred and energetically powerful. But there need to be very careful what you wish for, because they really do come true. —
      What made this time?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»I used to make wishes, which related to my work. Changes happened very quickly – as soon as I returned to Moscow, I was offered a new television project. But now my dreams boil down to family life. Can’t say that I was thinking of waiting for everything to come true.

      Often after the holiday comes to rethinking some aspects of life. You have changed something after the trip?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»Of course, Bali puts everything in its place. There I found inner harmony, began to meditate, to do yoga. There I felt as if I were looking at myself from the outside. But on arrival in Moscow all my life as if decomposed on the shelves. Began to think differently about some people. So you can go there for those who want to test their loved one. —
      It has changed there views on a joint vacation after you with Cyril became husband and wife?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»Yes, he became very cautious. Constantly looking out for me. When I first decided to embark on the surf, he was so nervous! Despite the fact that I was with an instructor, he tried to be always there for you. We’ve tried something extreme, but he used so much I didn’t care.

      How has your life changed after marriage?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»Now we are planning my life for the future, that is thinking about buying real estate. If before, living in a civil marriage, we did not build such long-term plans, now we operate as a team. The Outlook is very different. Despite the fact that I am a strong man, but still now I feel a reliable shoulder, a support, and I have confidence in the future.

      Nelly Ermolaeva staged lavish wedding: live report from the celebration

      That is, if you continue to live in a civil marriage, it just was not there?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»I believe that after the wedding the way we look at relationships. They are not so when you just meet. I don’t understand those who live together for ten years and not painted. It seems like nothing will change with a stamp in the passport, but, in my opinion, the human brain is programmed so that people need to create a family, it is inherent in us genetically. And yet – I am very healthy, but now I can relax knowing that beside me is my husband. It can solve the problem, to help with some chores. —
      Typically, disputes in the family arise because of life, and how do you share chores?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»In this regard, I think it depends on the woman. When we began to share the common life, I immediately decided that the man do not have to wash dishes, vacuum and do other household chores. I believe that the husband should earn money. I in our family she asked this rhythm, and for four years and three months that we were together, we had no quarrel on the household soil. —
      As you all have time to work and household chores to do?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»I confess – we have a helper that comes twice a week. But the rest of the time I keep order in the house. —
      After the wedding, Cyril did not insist on the fact that you left a job and took care of the house, family?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»He never set any conditions. That’s why I fell in love with her man. He knows that I live to work, and if I deny this, I like rose, can fade. I remember when I was not yet a specific job, I became very sick – depressed. Cyril, seeing it all, he suggested me to go to a casting for a TV. To maintain normal relations in the family and not just work, we have a day when we spend time together is go to SPA, movie. And even Cyril loves to give me surprises. I can come home, and he says: “All we have to go tomorrow!” Can go away for two days, for example. But even a short break helps to refresh the relationship. We work very hard and are excited when I have the time alone.

      What have to make concessions for the sake of her husband?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»I have to compromise, but Cyril is a very wise man and very easy. He doesn’t forbid me to go to social events, meet up with friends. The husband realizes that the forbidden fruit is sweet. But for me, hangouts is already not in the first place. Sometimes we come to some events together. —
      Before the wedding you were talking about that wanted to get married. When planning to go to the temple?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»To be honest, it was the initiative of Cyril. His parents first got married, and then I went to the registry office. It seems to me that to consolidate your Union before God is better later, when the baby comes.

      Photos published Nelli Ermolaeva (@ermolaevanelly) Jun 13 2016 2:35 PDT

      When you want to become a mother?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»I understand I am unable to become a mother. Career and financial situation is, parents are healthy. And I realized that now I just do not have enough children. I recently became godmother of the daughter of a friend. When holding Dahulu, maternal instinct increased immensely. Of course mom I wouldn’t, but in the near future for sure. Parents want to see grandchildren and is constantly asking questions, when the heirs.—
      Already talked about who would first give birth to a boy or a girl?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»Usually girls dream of daughters, but I so want a son. And Cyril, too. Actually, ideally, I’d like twins. Kiril found that he had, and in my family were born twins. We thought – and may well coincide, and we will have twins? And if you are born a boy and a girl – it would be wonderful.

      Just over six months before the wedding you and Cyril parted. What made you want to rekindle the relationship?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»This separation occurred due to work, I had a very busy schedule – I went from city to city, and he, like any man, didn’t like it. In the end, broke up for a month. But we still continued to talk. I called him to consult on some issues. Then he apparently realized that it’s not like a breakup, and just disappeared. Didn’t answer, not been in touch. And then I started to panic. I understand that losing a loved one. It so happened that I broke my leg. I took it as a sign that they were going the wrong way. Cyril was next to me. Then I realized that it was given to me by God. —
      What would you not forgive your husband?
      Нелли Ермолаева: «Надеюсь родить двойню!»Betrayal. This is the most horrible that can be, if people subvert or betray. And, of course, do not forgive betrayal. —
      Who in your family the last word?
      I am a strong person, and I have not been able to find a man who can listen. But now the last word Kirill. But he does everything very well – no knocks his fist on the table and says he will be as he said. Favorite tries to argue that his decision will be the best for everyone.

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