Стала известна причина расставания Лопес и Смарта

This morning it became known that singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart broke up. Journalists made inquiries, and found that it was not so amicably, as it was presented first. It turns out that J. Lo dumped her fiance because of the fact that he refused to accompany her to a charity event Ron Perlman in the Hamptons.

Not to be whipped in front of his friends, Casper grabbed her stuff and drove off with them in Las Vegas for the fight Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.
This put an end to relations with Jennifer, or even an exclamation mark. Upon arrival, Casper heard from the beloved that she is now his ex, and that he can go back the way you came.
However, even insiders emphasize that this breakup for Lopez and Smart is not the only one, so maybe the heart of Jennifer will thaw and they’ll get back together.

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