Лиам Нисон раздумывает об участии сразу в двух проектах — «Дэдпуле-2″ и «Пассажире»

Liam Neeson we’re used to seeing mostly in fighters. The star of “Schindler’s List” manages to ingeniously transform into brave men. In the near future we can see Neeson in two similar projects, though each of them have its own feature.

The first project, which sees Liam — action movie called “Passenger”. In the center of the plot is the insurer, who was returning from work to home, unwittingly becomes involved in a criminal conspiracy. Now the decisions of the hero will depend on many lives.

In addition to Neeson in the film we see Faith Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. The Director of “Passenger” will be will Collet Jaume-Serra.

The second project should attract more attention of wide audience – this is the sequel of the comic “Deadpool”.

Neeson claims to be the hero by the name of Caleb.

However, official confirmation in the near future should not wait – shot “Deadpool 2” should start only in the spring of 2017, and on cinema screens the sequel will appear not earlier than 2018.

Note that if Liam would agree to do this project, it will be a kind of debut of the actor in superhero blockbusters. Do you think “Deadpool-2” — format of Neeson?

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