Weight of Angelina Jolie fell below 40 pounds

Вес Анджелины Джоли опустился ниже 40 килограммов
Fans are seriously concerned about the health of Hollywood Actresses.

Angelina Jolie

Photo: Splash News/East news

The other day in American tabloid
“The National Enquirer” reported that Angelina Jolie is in a critical condition. The journalists claim is weight Hollywood
the actress has dropped below the critical level of 40 kg with a growth of 169 centimeters. Besides,
the message of the tabloid, Jolie refuses food, suffering from insomnia and
is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

For the first time news about
that Jolie had serious health problems became known after her
the appearance on the red carpet at the premiere of the film “Kung fu Panda 3” in
Los Angeles. Then Angelina appeared in a short dress
demonstrated unnaturally thin legs and arms of the actress. After some
time, during his visit to Greece Jolie appeared in an even more depleted
the form at the reception of the Prime Minister.

Fans hope that the Hollywood actress will make a refutation of hearings about critical
health, but this is not happening. On the contrary, in recent times, Jolie
almost ceased to appear at social events and little leaves from
his rented mansion in London, where she now temporarily lives with brad pitt . More
the tabloid also claims that Angelina recently canceled several of his visits with
charitable purposes.

Reporters “National
Enquirer” allegedly managed to establish that the Hollywood actress has requested
the help to doctors. Experts have compiled a survey to find out
the reason for the sharp deterioration of health and will soon start treatment
exhausted Jolie.

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