Announced a new project with the participation of Charlize Theron

Объявлен новый проект с участием Шарлиз Терон

From fabulous films (“Hunter: the Winter war”) and the post-apocalyptic action movies (“Mad Max: fury Darling”) Charlize Theron returns to its usual genre.

Today it was announced that Theron, along with Director Jason Reitmann and screenwriter Diablo Cody are working on a new project.

About the new film the trio do not know anything, even the names. However, Ms. Cody said that in the scenario will form her personal experience of motherhood. Obviously, Charlize Theron in this case, embody the character of the protagonist.

Note that with Reitmann Cody and Theron have had to work on the drama “the Poor little rich girl”, where the actress created on-screen role of a writer of teenage novels that can not say goodbye to her past.

We will remind, recently the fashion house Dior has released the first images of the new advertising campaign of their perfume, the main star of which was again Charlize.


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