Такого мы не ожидали: Валерия покрасилась в брюнетку

The new image of the star appeared at the premiere of the film “Hero”.

Valery cannot be called a beauty by the experimenter: for many years the star stuck loved the blonde and occasionally change the length of the hair. However, spring is a time of change. Perhaps that is why the singer has decided to radically change the image.

“Today at the premiere of the film with the participation of Dima Bilan’s dress code is “punk Princess”. Here I think, a radical way to make or more moderate. What do you think?” – signed star picture, which we hardly know Valeria!

Short pixie haircut and black hair instead of blond! Completed the image of a star charcoal eye makeup.

Who could expect from a 47-year-old singer such a radical transformation? Followers of Valeria literally blew up “Instagram” stars comments.

“Wow!”, “You’re so interesting and new! And as always, beautiful!”, “You are ideal, in any case,” compliments followers.

Of course, there were those who did not appreciate the way. But in any case, no one remained indifferent. However, apparently, these changes in the singer’s life is short: fans suspect that new hairstyle is just a wig.

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