Yevgeny Kafelnikov upset that her daughter is losing weight

Евгений Кафельников расстроен из-за того, что дочь теряет вес

17-year-old Ales weighs just over 40 pounds.

Ales Kafelnikov in the last year has become perhaps more popular than his father, at least in social media for sure! The 17-year-old girl more than 200 thousands of subscribers who follow with interest the life Ales.

However, the girl’s father believes that this popularity is ruining the life of his heir.

The most titled Russian tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov believes that subscribers Alessi blame for her severe weight loss.

“Last year, she weighed 52 kilograms and I was happy. She was so beautiful and finally became feminine. But what happened then? I’m against such radical weight loss! Unfortunately, she doesn’t listen to me. Alessi 14-year-old subscribers in Instagram which have no brains, and they maintain her thinness. She should not listen to these idiots,” he shared his opinion alarmed by Yevgeny Kafelnikov with the publication of the New York Post.

Indeed, the already slim Ales on the last pictures looks very fragile! Don’t bring this 17-year-old Kafelnikov to anorexia?

We will remind that last year the girl has signed a contract with fashion model Agency and is actively involved in the shooting. May be, this work has forced the girl to have a complex background thin models.

By the way, recently Ales showed the audience her new boyfriend: a girl posted on his page in Instagram photo with new boyfriend. It seems that the successor of tennis player Evgeny Kafelnikov, a 17-year-old model already and forgot to think about Nikita Novikov.

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