«Мы могли разбиться!» Ольга Серябкина пережила «ад» во время авиаперелета
The soloist of the group SEREBRO told about the incident on Board the aircraft.

Photo: @Instagram serebro_official Olga Seryabkina

Olga Seryabkina has experienced the worst flight in my life. The soloist of the group SEREBRO told about the incident to an emergency on Board the aircraft of the airline. According to the singer, the pilot of the flight Moscow-Tivat made an emergency landing in another airport in Montenegro, due to serious damage that could lead to the collapse.

“Immediately after takeoff we have not closed the flaps of the aircraft and we could crash. Our plane disappeared from the radar nearly an hour and nobody knew where we are. Before landing, we circled for more than an hour. The flight attendants realized what was happening, awful, all shaking and pale. Declare an emergency landing in another place and asking if the on Board doctors. We had to land in Tivat, and flew to another place — probably for technical reasons. We were prepared for the emergency landing showed the poses. On Board was hell — all crying, screaming…” — said the incident scared Olga.

Seryabkina protested the work of flight attendants, which says the singer did not keep emotions and behave professionally. The actress said that among the weeping and frightened people were members of the crew, which, naturally, caused even more panic on Board.

“The fact that today we have landed is a happy occasion. Over 11 years in the group, this was not.All came out of the plane in complete shock. We were met by firefighters, intensive care, ambulance. And we just were glad to be alive,” finished the story of Seryabkina. Representatives of the airline has not yet responded to the revelation of Olga.