Скандал с «пьяным» Михаилом Ефремовым разгорелся с новой силой
Friends of the actor spoke harshly about the people of Samaria.

Mikhail Efremov


The scandal with the “drunken” Michael Efremov has received a new life. Only the audience and fans began to forget about the case in Samara, due to which the actor was heavily criticized, as his friends decided to recall the incident. This was done probably in order to revive the reputation of Ephraim. However, the effect was the opposite…

During a concert of the actor “Citizen poet” — “All elections on 2” on the stage was read obscene poem about the audience “that” play in Samara. Speaker made friend Ephraim — Andrew Orlov, he Orlusha. In his work, the poet openly mocked by the public, not to assess the talent of Michael.

Most of all went to “Madame Korovkina”, actress Alla Korovkina, which first reported in March about the prank Ephraim during a performance of “don’t be a stranger.” At the end Orlusha “sent” everyone who was outraged by the behavior of his friend: “Comrades, go to ***!” You did not hear? Oh yeah, I forgot, you are deaf. Go to ***, gentlemen. While in the theater too early!”

Recall that in early March Efremov with the theater troupe “Contemporary” went on tour to Samara. The play “don’t become a stranger” “” delayed for an hour. Then appeared on the scene Efremov, according to witnesses, drunk. The actor got into a scuffle with one of the spectators turned to him with a request to speak louder. As a result Mikhail broke the obscene tirade, which was later explained part of the image of the character. The management of the theatre, by the way, have justified the act of Ephraim.