Warner Bros. взрастили 30-метрового Кинг Конга

The Film Company Warner Bros.if taken for the shooting of a project, it makes the most serious and ambitious. So, aiming to create a new film about king Kong, the Studio decided that their gorilla will be the biggest in the world.

It is done! Today it became known that king Kong, nurtured by Warner Bros. will have a growth of at least a hundred feet, i.e. about 30 meters.

Note that it really is a record since the new king Kong was taller than its predecessor by as much as 20 meters.

Except for the monster in the film we see Russell Crowe, brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Corey Hawkins, Samuel L. Jackson, Toby Kebbell, John C. Reilly.

The Director’s post will take Jordan Here-Roberts, who directed the movie “Kings of summer”.

The premiere of the reboot of “king Kong” was scheduled for March 2017.

In 2020, the screens will crossover “Godzilla vs. king Kong”. The film will form a kind of “ecosystem” giant super-beings, both classic and new. The organization “Monarch,” which opened Godzilla in 2014, will deploy its activities in different directions.

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