Мать бывшей возлюбленной Джастина Тэру обвиняет его во лжи

Costume designer Heidi Bivensthat fourteen years gave to the relationship with Justin Teru – now the husband of Hollywood actress Jennifer aniston, never recovered after the separation and have not found a decent man. Mother forty women Marilyn accuses of failed personal life of the daughter of his invalid son-in-law. Allegedly cheating on Justin, Heidi lost faith in men and their loyalty. In order not to get burned a second time, Bivens allegedly not decided on a new novel.

When the former spouse Jennifer aniston Brad pitt cheated on her with Angelina Jolie, all regret, the star of the TV series “Friends”, but she herself was a home wrecker, intervening in the relationship Justin and Heidi.
71-year-old Marilyn told reporters that Justin long lied to her daughter about the relationship with aniston, which met on the set of the film in 2011. “Good people” immediately told Heidi about the infidelities Tara, but Justin continued to insist that this is just a rumor, and between him and Jennifer is nothing. The woman loved him and believed unreservedly, as it turned out, in vain.
Marilyn claims that belonged to Justin as my own son, because he was a part of their family fourteen years(!), while his romance with aniston became apparent.
“My child was broken. It was a scary time. Heidi immediately told me about what happened. I had cancer and she took care of me. She wore all this pain in me.
He swore to my daughter that he loves only her, and in fact, all his words were lies.. He has brought so much pain to my daughter and our entire family” — hardly constraining tears, spoke of Marilyn.
Mother Heidi believes that Justin was heavily influenced by his work. The costs of occupation make him so into character that he has become his character – quite a stranger, and it was felt in communion with him.
Despite not existing personal life, Heidi, Marilyn hopes that she’ll thaw and let in my heart a decent man.
“Heidi wound is healing slowly, but the scar is still there, and we pray that God send her a godly man, because she deserves to be happy,” said Marilyn.

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