Анджелина Джоли набирает вес в попытке сохранить брак

Thinness of Angelina Jolie is a frequent topic of discussion in recent years. Star “Lara Croft”, which previously was very appetizing and attractive shapes not know. Fans of Jolie crying over the photos the paparazzi when their favorite shows somewhere in public.

Angie’s hands resemble the hands of Baba Yaga, it is not surprising that fans insist that the actress has finally come to his senses and began the rehabilitation of his health.

By the way, that insists Jolie’s husband brad pitt.

Анджелина Джоли набирает вес в попытке сохранить брак

The actor even made my missus an ultimatum – either she gets better, or they go their separate ways: “health Problems Angie so often and hotly debated in their house that can end in divorce. The method of fasting, which she brings forth, you may bring it to the hospital bed. In the end, brad gave angelina an ultimatum: either she returns to normal weight, or they will discuss the breakup.”

Note that during the recent visit of angelina Jolie to the US state Department, she seemed quite healthy. I will assume that persuasion, or even blackmail pitt was good.

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