Беременная Собчак зарабатывает на декрет

TV presenter, which is in an interesting position, ready to hold wedding or anniversary for 30 000 euros.

Ksenia Sobchak has always been a girl business. It seemed that her career is not less important than the family. And even now, when she is in an interesting position (first-born presenter needs to be born closer to winter), continues to work.

However, it’s not in the ambitions of Xenia, and the financial crisis that has not spared even the stars. Husband of Ksenia, actor Maxim Vitorgan, went to France for Euro 2016. And before leaving, told reporters close to the couple source complained about the money issue.

— Before the start of the football championship in France, where is she going with friends Maxim, I met with him and congratulated on the pregnancy of his wife, – quotes friend Vitorgan site “KP”. — Max thanked me, and then the conversation suddenly complained that it disturbs the financial issue. They Ksenia a lot of money invested into a new apartment. As he put it, “we have a crisis”, referring to the material side. Said that the left tails of the film “election Day – 2”, where he was not only an actor, but also one of ideological inspirers. Investors for the project attracted under the name Vitorgan. The money for the picture was given to private companies. The premiere took place in February, but still remained outstanding financial matters with investors. And it’s max’s disappointing…

Obviously, to provide a reliable cash rears before the decree, Ksenia decided to earn some money. Now she agrees to weddings and anniversaries, corporate events although I did not complain. Journalists “KP” published the conversation of the assistant of a wealthy businessman with an art Director Ksenia Sobchak Tabriz shakhidi. According to him, the cost of leaving Xenia to the event is 30 000 euros.

For four hours, ” said Shahidi. — Plus, respectively, Ryder. Ryder – that’s two a return ticket in business class. Two VIP Lounges at all airports. The hotel is five stars (one Suite and one standard). Plus food, a beauty salon and massage.

Well, she delivers a great example for future moms who dream to catch it. And, it seems, after the birth of a baby in the decree she will not overstay.

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