Ксения Бородина стала жертвой хакеров

The presenter explained why he disappeared on her page in Instagram.

For personal life Ksenia Borodina closely 5 million subscribers… so it was no wonder that when her microblog page is gone, the fans sounded the alarm. First, all agreed that a celebrity got rid of the account because of problems in the family. Especially on the eve of Ksenia said Periscope, so she didn’t ask questions about her husband the Eid Omarova, which, according to some reports, she broke up. But it is not so. “Instagram” Borodina simply hacked the scammers…

“I have not deleted. I was hacked!” explained the disappearance of his pages Xenia.

She also admitted that it intends to recover blog in the near future. Moreover, the host knows who decided to hurt her this way.

“I’m sure it’s not by accident! Someone is trying to hurt me. To be honest, aware of who it is… We will find the attacker! And yet, I will soon return to his favorite followers,” said Borodin “StarHit”.

Honestly, we can’t imagine who would want to hack social network Borodina. Really her husband? Some time ago, recall, she deleted nearly all photos of Kurban Omarov from their social networks. A couple of days ago businessman unsubscribed from Borodina and then deleted my account. But the story is not over. Fans of the pair have found a Kurban in the social network ask.fm where he spoke about the parting with his wife. Read more HERE.

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov were married in July of 2015. In December they had a daughter, Thea. For both this child was the second. From his first marriage with businessman Yuri Budagov Xenia left a daughter Mary, and the feast of first wife have a son, Omar.

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