Амалия Мордвинова стала поэтессой

Well-known actress who has been living abroad, came to Russia to present his collection of poems.

The presentation was held in one of the houses in the center of Moscow. To congratulate Amalia debut came TV presenters Andrey Malakhov and Arina Sharapova, actors, Kamil Larin, Yana Poplavskaya and Natalia Gromushkina, the singer Mitya Fomin.

The evening turned into a concert Amalie read their poems to music performed by pianist Peter Aidu and flutist Ivan Bushuyev. The actress was visibly nervous, and it wasn’t just new to her role. According to her, she acted on stage 8 years! But the audience left by speech and poems in admiration.

In the book called “the Concept of the garden of Eden”, 60 poems, illustrated by artist and friend Amalia Leonid Livshits. The edition was printed in an old printing house in the vicinity of Padua. As stressed by Mordvinov, publishing is not for sale – it can only give to friends.

Poems Amalia about the man, the faith, the feminine person and of course love. In them she shares a spiritual experience that we have acquired over the years spent abroad.

In early 2009, after suffering a crushing defeat on the personal and professional fronts, razed the health and relationships with family and friends, I was saved in India, ” says the actress. Of refuge for me and my children were the Himalayas, then Goa and Rajasthan. When India began munculnya rains, my little Tabor went further East to Thailand or Indonesia – away from the losses, separations and betrayals. But first of all I tried to run from herself that suffers, for any reason. Through hard work I was able to regain the ability to be happy. I began to explore the consciousness of modern man, but above all yourself. I needed to find the answer what is the force that allows us to thrive, creating a world like the garden of Eden, and what is its opposite pushes us into the abyss of suffering, turning into a complete jerk.

After spending a few years in India, the actress has returned to Russia, and then moved to USA to daughter Diana (15) who was already living there with his father, businessman Alexander Goldansky, ex-husband of Amalia. With her overseas went to her younger children – a son Herman (age 10), daughter of Evangelina (9 years) and Seraphim (7 years). In America, the actress decided to pursue theater production and is now full of new plans.

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