Джейсон Стэйтем станет главным героем в сиквеле «Шпиона»

The attempt of the producers of the Comedy “Spy” to make a woman the main character basically was a success. Secret agent performed by Melissa McCarthy was very funny and convincing, however, a character named Susan Cooper will remain on the second plan, because in the continuation of the Comedy, the main role will perform Jason Statham.

For an actor such a role quite familiar, only he will have to get used to the idea that he’s still in Comedy, because his character Rick Ford needs to be “amazingly stupid ” secret agent” (says the Director).

By the way, the Director’s chair again get a Semi Fig.

No date yet been announced.

We will remind, the premiere of “Spy” took place in 2015. With a budget of $ 65 million, the film grossed $ 235 million and laudatory reviews from critics.

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