Высоцкая и Кончаловский продают дом вместе с детскими игрушками дочери Маши

Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky decided to get rid of one of their estates. The choice of the pair fell on the house, located in the capital of the United Kingdom.

It is the possession of celebrities is different in style and taste. On 426 square feet are seven bedrooms, three living rooms, five bathrooms.

The house, located near the estates of British politicians and Russian oligarchs Julia and Andrew want to get 4.5 million pounds (381 million rubles).

Real estate company involved in the deal, told about the features of this mansion: on-site lush garden views from your bedroom window on the second floor and the terrace. In addition, the building quickly found its new owner Vysotskaya and Konchalovsky will donate some personal belongings and decided to leave the appliances, the shells in the gym, the frames of the two children’s rooms and toys, so that buyers can immediately move in cozy house.

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