Люк Бессон ответит за плагиат материально

Plagiarism in the entertainment industry quite often. Many artists (whether it be movies, music, etc.) “inspired” by the work of another artist create something in their view the new, which, however, like its predecessor.

With such a problem faced the French Director Luc Besson.

In 2012 on the big screens the film was released under the name “Ahead” in which American Director John carpenter has seen plagiarism on his film 1981 – Escape from new York”.

Trial had not long to wait, and carpenter filed a lawsuit the claim in which demanded to collect from their dishonest colleagues $ 2.4 million.

In the fall of 2015, the court ruled Besson and his team to pay 95 thousand dollars to the plaintiff. But Besson did not stop. He filed an appeal.

Today it became known that responsibility Luke not to leave and now he has carpenter 500 thousand dollars.

Note, In the story, the hero of the film “Ahead”, played by guy Pearce, is wrongly convicted man, who offered freedom in exchange for rescuing the President’s daughter is captured by criminals with prison space on the orbital station. In “Escape from new York” a former armed robber, who became a soldier, in the performance of Kurt Russell is forced to save the US President whose plane is wrecked over the largest prison in the country where he seized power dangerous prisoners.

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