Вячеслав Малежик объяснил, почему публично срывается на поклонников The singer does not like when the audience concentrate on the self instead of listening to music. Vyacheslav Efimovich told reporters about why he is in conflict with the fans. In the opinion of Malezhik, the only way to distract people from the screen of a smartphone.

      This year Vyacheslav Malezhik, 70 years. Despite its age, the star of the music continues to play concerts and to delight fans. On the eve of the anniversary of Vyacheslav Efimovich met with reporters and gave an interview in which he spoke about what he thinks about the modern generation. In the opinion of Malezhik, people have become too dependent on social networking and smartphones. In this regard, the celebrity sometimes breaks down during their performances.

      “People live in a certain video mode. Everyone is so concerned about their image, selfie, how they look, all consider themselves stars. Before the audience was more hungry people really didn’t see anything, there were only three programs. And now she’s lazy, fixated on yourself. People are doing self-a feeling that for the sake of it and come. Of course, I sometimes break down, chastise… I stop singing and say, “What, every day you Malezhik sings live?” And then the entire hall pounced on her, during Komsomol meetings,” – said Malezhik, laughing.

      Vyacheslav Efimovich also noted that he, as an artist, belongs to the service personnel. Despite this, Malezhik sure that the attitude of others depends on how a person perceives himself. Therefore, the star asked the audience to respect him and to concentrate on the music during concerts.

      Previously, the famous actor admitted that he intends to celebrate an important anniversary with a big concert in the Kremlin. Speech by Vyacheslav Efimovich will be held on February 17. The artist is going to invite on stage for the musicians with whom he worked in such bands as “Jolly fellows”, “Blue guitar” and “Flame”. Besides, along with Malaika participants will perform a group “Samotsvety”, “People meet” and “Blue bird”. Their songs will please the viewers Alena Apina, Ekaterina Semenova and “SOPRANO Turetsky”. Vyacheslav Efimovich admitted to journalists that he plans to take stock in the jubilee.

      In addition, the actor told reporters that depend on the compliments, as any creative person. According to Vyacheslav Efimovich, he met with the reaction of fans to his work. “When you realize that no one wants you, it’s filthy”, – quotes the star of “Arguments and facts”.