Andrey Malakhov has found the disappeared “manufacturers”

Андрей Малахов разыскал исчезнувших «фабрикантов» Graduates of the popular project going in the Studio Tonight to remember old times. The first issue of the sensational program went out on channel 15 years ago. Many of the participants become real stars, and someone decided to change the scope of activities.

      15 years ago, the channel decided to launch an ambitious project to gather talented young people to make them real pop stars. For three months participants of the musical show singing, honed acting skills, learned to dance properly and to carry myself on stage.

      “Factory of stars” enjoyed great popularity among viewers. The first season of the musical programme started in 2002, and the seventh and final set, came in 2007. For many “manufacturers” it was a real breakthrough for a couple of months they have an army of fans, and their songs became hits. “The manufacturers”, which was out of sight: how was their fate

      Andrey Malakhov has decided to recall about how to begin a “star Factory”. He was invited to the Studio of the program “Tonight” artists, who were able to “hook” in show business, as well as those who for some reason decided to change the scene to another field.

      The participants were pleased to meet his friends on the project. They gladly took pictures and reminisced about the time spent in the “star house”. Among the guests was Mikhail Grebenshchikov, Pierre Narciss, Elena Temnikova, Sogdiana, Dmitry Koldun, Stas Peha, Alex Hvorostyan, Yulia Mikhalchik, Julia Parshuta, Irina Toneva, Sasha Saveliev, Alex, Anton Zatsepin, Dominik Joker, Nikita Malinin, and many others. “Star factory 6” a decade later: the vivid memories of the participants

      “I am infinitely glad that my life was such a journey, such an adventure, such an extraordinary event as the project “Factory of stars-6″. Today I watched an interview with guys from all editions, from the beginning, but once I watched them only on TV and even could not think that she will be a part of this incredible show. It changed my life and the lives of all who participated in it. Thanks to our producer Victor Drobysh that have chosen us. It’s scary to even think – how many people… And it would be great to run this project. I think people are missing. Really? We are so sure!” – wrote Sogdiana.

      Fans of the popular project was also glad to see how changed their idols for a long time. “So many emotions, I remember how quickly ran to the screen, dancing by “Cool you got”, “I Agree with you completely, it is time to start “Factory of stars”! This is one of the best projects!”, “Yes, I want the return of “American idol”. Miss this show,” wrote netizens.

      After meeting in the Studio with graduates of “star Factory” flooded the social network joint photos. “How long has it been… it’s been 15 years! Thanks to the First channel for the opportunity to Express themselves and show it to the whole country! Thanks to our producer Alexander V. Shulgin for the opportunity to sing those songs!” – posted by Julia Mikhalchik.

      The program “Tonight” see this Saturday on the First channel.