Maria Kozhevnikova uses cheap cosmetics

Мария Кожевникова пользуется дешевой косметикой The actress gives preference to proven tools. Maria Kozhevnikova not chasing products of famous brands. In everyday life, artist and public figure does not like bright makeup and trying to look natural.

      Fans are accustomed that the actress and public figure Maria Kojevnikova puts the pictures in his microblog virtually no makeup. Sometimes before the filming, she does a bright make-up. Fans admire the appearance of 32-year-old actress and otmechajut she looks beautiful when lightly touches the lashes with mascara and use the lipstick. As it turned out, the beautician Kozhevnikova not many modern beauty products. Maria admits that he had found the perfect cream that can afford almost every woman – the price of the coveted tube quite reasonable.

      “Favorite – licorice cream. Costs just 80 rubles, apparently, so it is not so easy to buy. I found him in St. Petersburg, where he starred in the serial film “Execute not pardon” for NTV. In the winter he is simply irreplaceable! Most of the project we shot on location, and this is 12 hours of persecution saboteurs in St. Petersburg forests, moisturizing creams were inappropriate, and licorice come! I use it even for the children,” shared secret Kozhevnikova.

      The actress is very carefully watching what gets into her makeup bag. It is with passion read labels to understand what components are included in the product. Because of congestion in the work of Kozhevnikov does not have time to make masks from natural products in the home, and therefore enjoys a ready.

      Maria admits that is not going to resort to the popular injections to maintain youthful skin. Kozhevnikova prefers massage of the face, and also makes cleaning easier, especially after intense shootings by putting on lasting make-up. Maria Kozhevnikova protests against cosmetics

      Despite the wealth market, which is ready to offer a variety of care products for face, Maria Kozhevnikova prefers organic cosmetics. However, the actress can be difficult to choose quality products.

      “I am a patriot of his country, but unfortunately, I must admit, I see the difference between the quality of cosmetics produced here and abroad, with one and the same company. And, alas, the difference is not in our favor. This applies not only to cosmetics. So if I get the opportunity, buy cosmetics abroad,” admitted Kozhevnikova in an interview with PeopleTalk.