Ксения Бородина VS Ольга Бузова. Кто победит?
Presenters again “Bang their heads”.

Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina

Sworn girlfriends Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina decided to “knock heads together”. And not just anywhere, but in the native air of TNT. In the framework of the reality show “Dom-2” is launched
a new project with the speaker called “against Borodina Buzova”. The main characters
the show will be Olga and Xenia. They will cease to hide the confrontation: disputes
differences, talking in a raised voice and rapid reconciliation — all
stop happening only behind the scenes of “Home”.

By the way, one of the first issues of the nervous
the situation on the ground will be a fight. Roma Gritsenko, intercede for Buzova,
love with for six months, will prove who is right, staging a fistfight with his
friend Artem Soroka. The idea of this show is long overdue, because the confrontation
Buzova and Borodina is always the center of attention. Every conflict is widely
covered in the press and interest from fans telestroke.

Over the past year, relations Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina noticeable
cooled. Former best friends ceased to call each other on birthdays and
walking together on the same secular parties. Now two leading “House-2”
meet only at work. Xenia never came to Olga,
to support it, and social networks hinted at a betrayal
a former close friend. There were rumors that Borodin was jealous of success
Buzova, for which the divorce of Dmitry Tarasov turned into a huge

“Sometimes you need to spend even years, but I never
tolerate next hypocritical, deceitful, traitors, rolling stone, insincere,
stupid, and most importantly — people, who in addition to benefits in the eyes and heart
nothing. Dummy! But pity, nothing to experience them do not want and can not,
— wrote Ksenia in social networks. I will always give the last close, know it
all mine, I will always extend a helping hand, I know how to make friends, to experience with loved ones
to me by people who know how to listen and hear, but never in addition to shoulder me from my loved ones
did not need anything. We made each other feel… I Have friends, colleagues
for work partners and so on – they can all be different, but that doesn’t mean
that we are close friends, though I respect them!”