Чулпан Хаматова поделилась редким снимком с 8-летней дочерью
The actress is resting with his family in Armenia.

Chulpan Hamatova with her daughter S

Photo: Instagram

42-year-old Chulpan Khamatova and has three daughters: Arina, who was born in 2002
year (by actor Ivan Volkov), Asya, born in 2003 from the ballet dancer
Alexey Dubinin and
eight-year-old UW from current husband, actor and Director Alexander Shein. Photos
children of Chulpan rarely shows up in Instagram, but in the recent
trip to Armenia, she decided to make an exception.

“Such a big girl now)” “This is
Ia? Oh gods, what
adult already! Send greetings”, “What a big girl, the future model, you Are pretty girls!” —
commented on a photo subscribers Khamatova.

In a recent
interview 7days.ru the actress spoke about how she manages
all the time, being a large mother.

“The first
up the older girls. When that alarm clock rings I have before, than all,
but I rarely manage to outrun them. I got 17-18
alarm clocks, because I can’t Wake up. And when I Wake up, senior
the girls are already washed and dressed. I just make them Breakfast and off to school. All
the noise wakes the younger. She gets up, has Breakfast, washes up, gets dressed, and we go
in a kindergarten. In this moment I curse those people who invented school
nine in the morning. In General, what it means to be a mother, I begin to understand only now. (Laughs.)
For teenagers naturally exist in protest… Sometimes I’m ready to leave
shores, but understand that for me my favorite little girls grow up,
which change look for yourself. First and foremost, they need my love. I
try to let them know that I’m always on their side.

We will remind, in may, the artist adopted the role in the film
Oksana Karas “Dr. Lisa”. Chulpan will play Elizabeth Glinka — philanthropist,
physician, human rights activist and founder of the Fund “Fair use”, which
colleagues and friends called Dr. Lisa.