Волочкова повесила на лобовое стекло пуанты 41-го размера

The ballerina has decided that her profession should know all the drivers passing by…

The twine on the back of the ship, it seems, already fed up with Volochkova. Yes, and shots in a bikini is no surprise. Still, how many times she had done! Not less than 100?

Maybe that’s why this time be different Volochkova decided not on the sea walks, and in the Moscow traffic jams. And decorated the windshield of his car silk Pointe shoes 41 size (!), she told fans.

“Constant attributes of my car and my profession,” he signed a snapshot of the star. Well, for those who are on the road to her “coach” will meet…

Well, the ballerina stunt, this time it is harmless and is unlikely to be dangerous. One good thing that the Pointe shoes she is not wearing her Persian cat.

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