Rose Sabitova teaches daughter to forgive her husband’s infidelity

Роза Сябитова учит дочь прощать измены мужа
Famous matchmaker sees nothing wrong in cheating.

Rose Syabitova daughter

Photo: @syabitova_roza (instagram the Roses Sabitova)

Rose Sabitova believes that cheating is not a reason for
divorce. Matchmaker is sure that all men cheat, they are polygamous, and it is difficult to be
true in modern conditions. “If change means functioning”, —
says Sabitova. The point of view of his mother and picked up her 22-letenja daughter
Xenia, who last summer married. “Actually nowadays it is very
a lot of temptations. I’m not a model with
huge breast”, — says Kseniya.

Also rose Sabitova teaches daughter to fulfill every whim of her husband. “Wife
should appear like a Genie out of the bottle — says the famous matchmaker. — —
she’s here when they shouldn’t — it’s not”.

By the way, Xenia does not hide that to get married with innocent girl,
and did not regret about it. “Eight out of ten of my friends regret their virginity
gave out of wedlock”.

Recall that in an exclusive interview to Sabitova
told about a young man Ksenia: “the Groom
my daughter’s name is Andrew, he works as a lawyer in my company. The boy is very
honest, educated, from respected family lawyers.”

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